ramirez company installs a computerized manufacturing machine

Question 1

Answer the following question below, based off of the given possible answers further below. Explain the reason for your chosen answer: Manuel thinks that if you want to get positive outcomes in life, all you need to do is work hard. His philosophy supports the __. a) self-serving bias b) actor-observer bias c) just-world hypothesis Philosophy: Philosophy is described as the study for the knowledge’s fundamental nature. It is related with the existence as well as relaity when speaking in terms of academic discipline.
Question 2

Aesthetics are composed of _ elements. a. visual b. symbolic c. stylistic d. all of the above Philosophy of Art: Philosophy of art is the study of visually pleasing concepts made through the expression of skill and imagination. It also relates to the interpretation and representation of different forms and embraces their beauty and charm.
Question 3

Ramirez Company installs a computerized manufacturing machine in its factory at the beginning of the year at a cost of $43,500. The machine
Question 4

Why are most oral presentations so uninteresting or uninformative? How important is oral communication as a part of the overall technical communication process? How important is the use of visual aids in oral presentations? Informative Presentations: Informative presentations contain detailed and authentic information that works with a motive to get shared among others. These presentations require illustrations, examples, and notes that explain the speakers’ points clearly and precisely.
Answer to question 1

The correct answer of the given question is a Manuel thinks that if you want to get positive outcomes in life, all you need to do is work hard. His philosophy supports the self serving bias. It is a belief that if a person has confidence on himself and works hard for it then the thing becomes true. Option (B) actor observer bias is described as a tendency so as to attribute for the either the actions or outcomes specifically to the external causes and also, the others actions to internal causes. Option (C) just the world hypothesis is a belief that positive actions are the ones that are always rewarded and negative actions are the ones that are always punished.

Answer to question 2

The correct option is d.) all of the above. Option a.) is correct because aesthetics is a form of philosophical art representing a visually pleasing art that soothes the eyes and brings pleasing vibes to the viewer. Aesthetics comprises visuals, and hence, it is the correct answer. Option b.) is correct because aesthetics is a form of art comprising symbols and patterns evaluated based on their beauty and structure. Hence, stating that aesthetics are composed of symbolic elements is also correct. Option c.) is correct because considering aesthetics as a form of stylistic approach towards art is appropriate. Aesthetics comprises arts that are made up using stylistic elements; hence, style is an element of aesthetics.
Answer to question 3

Second year’s depreciation = (43500 – 5000) *32500 / 385000 = 3250
Answer to question 4

Answer and Explanation: Several oral presentations become uninteresting when the speaker has no engaging words that attract the listeners. Poorly designed presentations and poor or unorganized information does not provide effective delivery of thoughts. The lack of any visualization makes most oral presentations uninterested. Such uninterested presentations often lead to a loss in business deals if clients do not understand them. Oral communication is important as it completes the overall communication process among individuals. It enhances transparency and trust while sharing information that is beyond covered in written presentations. Oral communication often clarifies the doubts or misconceptions during the discussions on several objects and does not cause delays in discussions. Only written emails, slides, or limited written content do not make all things clear until someone explains them thoroughly. When an individual uses visual aids, he can explain the present more clearly. Visual aids are useful as they give a clear vision of the presentations and help better understand the concerned topic. They also enhance the listeners’ interest and engage them in oral presentations. The listeners generally prefer to listen to oral presentations when they have some attractive visuals along them.

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