provide the reagents necessary to carry out the following conversion

Question 1

Question 2

1 and 2) provide the reagents necessary to carry out the following conversions.

3) provide a stepwise synthesis for the following compound using BENZYL ALCOHOL AS YOUR ONLY SOURCE OF CARBON and using any other reagents necessary.

Question 3

Provide the reagents necessary to carry out the following conversion. [{Image src=’sunday_morning2079138625114520119.png’ alt=” caption=”}] Reaction of Amine with Cyclic Ester: An amine will react with an ester to give an amide and an alcohol. An amine will react with a cyclic ester to give a hydroxy-amide product. A hydroxyl-amide is a compound with both a hydroxyl group and an amide group.
Question 4

Answer to question 1

Answer to question 2

Answer to question 3

The reagent needed to carry out the conversion is pyrrolidine. The complete reaction equation is given below.

This is reaction of cyclic ester and an amine to give a hydroxy-amide. The mechanism of the reaction is given below.

Answer to question 4


The given conversion is an oxidation reaction which is carried out such that double bond remains intact and alcoholic group changes to carbonyl group.


The conversion can be carried out with the help of KMnO4/NaOH/H2O in the presence of which the alcoholic group of the compound will be converted to carbonyl group.

H2 and Br2 addition won’t be done as they will result into the removal of the double bond as well.

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