Prove that D42=S42, D is a complemented lattice by finding

Question 1

Prove that D42={S42, D} is a complemented lattice by finding the complements of all the elements where Sn is the set of all divisors of the positive integer n and D is the relation of division

Question 2

Which of the following typical excuses for cleaning problems will be accepted by the customer as legitimate reasons? Choose all correct answers.

a. “Employee was absent”

b. “Employee was on vacation”

c. “We have a new employee”

d. “The vacuum is broken”

e. None of the above 5

Question 3

List and explain three ways in which time pressure influences consumer behavior. Relationship between time pressure and consumer behavior. Time pressure is physiological stress when someone has less time to perform the task than the recommended time. Therefore, time pressure negatively impacts consumer behavior when deciding on products.
Question 4

Consumer behavior has a major part in the development of a marketing strategy. What are some of the elements of the consumer behavior decision-making process? Why is it important to understand these elements? How would you apply them to a marketing strategy? Consumer Behavior: Consumer behavior is a field of study concerned with how individuals’ purchasing decisions are formulated. An organization needs to understand its consumers’ behavior.
Answer to question 1

A statistical model is a mathematical model that embodies a set of statistical assumptions concerning the generation of sample data (and similar data from a larger population). A statistical model represents, often in considerably idealized form, the data-generating process.[1] A statistical model is usually specified as a mathematical relationship between one or more random variables and other non-random variables. As such, a statistical model is “a formal representation of a theory” (Herman Adèr quoting Kenneth Bollen).[2] All statistical hypothesis tests and all statistical estimators are derived via statistical models. More generally, statistical models are part of the foundation of statistical inference
Answer to question 2

The correct answer is (d.) “The vacuum is broken.”

A customer can accept this as an excuse for default in service as it is an unavoidable and unsolvable situation. It is impossible to render satisfactory cleaning services with a broken vacuum. Repairing a vacuum is not easy and takes time; this reason can be deemed legitimate. Also, it is justified that an organization may not have more than one vacuum cleaner because businesses involved in cleaning are generally small and have less budget.

Reasons for incorrect options:

Option (a.) is incorrect because if an employee was absent, another employee could be dispatched to provide cleaning services as a backup.

Option (b.) is incorrect because if an employee was on vacation, cleaning services could have been provided by another available employee.

Option (c.) is incorrect because it is implied that if an organization employs a new worker, he has appropriate skills, training, and knowledge for his job.

Option (e.) is incorrect because option (d.) is the right choice.

Answer to question 3

The following are ways time pressure will affect consumer behavior.

When time is scarce, the consumers will make the wrong decision on product selection because they lack enough time to get more product information.

When time is limited, the consumers are more likely to depend on simple choices without assessing the products. Thus, they can buy faulty products.

If time is sufficient, consumers can go through written information about the products compared to when time is limited, where the consumers will only rely on the visuals of products and ignore the written information.

Answer to question 4

The consumer-behavior decision-making process has the following elements:





It is essential to understand these elements because they can help an organization fit into a society’s business ecosystem. For instance, when an organization comes up with a marketing strategy, they want to consider factors such as the cultural, personal, and psychological factors in their target market. If they’re going to reach a younger audience, they will coin their marketing message using slang words that the young people can relate with. They will also want to depict their product or service as one tied to their target market’s culture. This makes it easier to sell a product.

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