Proactive & Reactive ? Examples Please .?

i dont get what it means to be proactive or reactive .

can someone give me an example of a reactive statement that you have heard from friends or family or yourself ? thanks 🙂

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  1. PROACTIVE relates to the primary instigator of an action or cause.

    %The head if the hammer proactively hits the nail when properly used.

    REACTIVE relates to an effect caused by some action.

    %The nail reactively penetrates the wood when hit.

  2. Reactive Examples

  3. An occasion for Mass communication we could say a Flu Pandemic A Proactive action may be informing the wide-unfold public that a vaccine and emergency plans exist – further proactive evidence would desire to be an emergency plan being examined in improve of an endemic – A reactive action would be say to tell the wide-unfold public appropriate to the implementation of a quarantine to guard sufferers and the wide-unfold public – collectively as such an action may be interior the proactive plan that’s in basic terms activated according to an somewhat experience. hence being proactive ie making plans for diverse skill risks/opportunities social or very own does not inevitably mean that the progression will ensue – on the different hand a useful reactive reaction to an unexpected experience would be to “Reassure the pubic that structures would be put in place to minimise this sort of re-prevalence “

  4. When you are proactive you act before something happens. For example, you walk by a hot stove and see a pot handle sticking out. You think to yourself someone could knock into that and spill this hot stuff all over them so you move the handle. This is proactive.

    Reactive is when you react after something is already happening. Back to the pot. You see your brother walking right for the handle that is sticking out and you tell him “watch out.”

  5. Showing a response to a stimuluts

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