Predict the product of the reaction. Draw all hydrogen atoms.

Question 1

Question 2

Predict and name the product of the following reaction. Draw all hydrogen atoms.

The systematic name of the hydrocarbon product is _____

Question 3

Predict The Product Of The Reaction. Draw All Hydrogen Atoms

Answer to question 1

In both cases, addition of halogen across the double bond takes place.The reaction is called halogenation.

The addition of chlorine to but-1-ene results in the cleavage of the double bond and the product formed will be 1,2-dibromobutane.

Addition of bromine to pent-2-ene also results in the cleavage of double bond and 2,3-dibromo pentane results.

Answer to question 2

In the presence of light, Br2Br2 will react with an alkane to replace a hydrogen atom with a bromine atom. This particular alkane is symmetrical, which means all six of the hydrogen atoms are identical. No matter which hydrogen atom is removed and replaced, the product will be the same. Let’s draw the product formed when a hydrogen is removed from the carbon on the left:

To name this molecule, start by finding the longest chain of carbon atoms. This molecule has two carbon atoms, which means that its parent chain is ethane. Next, we will locate and name the substituent. As a substituent, bromine is named bromo. The bromine atom is located on carbon number one, so we will call it 1-bromo. All together, the molecule’s name is: 1-bromoethane.

Answer to question 3

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