predict the major organic product of the reaction sequence. [Solved]

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A 50. 95mm diameter horizontal jet of water strikes a plate.

Determine the velocity of the jet if 80N of horizontal force is required to move the plate at 2.95m/s at the same direction as that of jet.

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3. What is the significance of the degrees of freedom of the kinematic chain when it functions as a mechanism? Give examples.
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A hot-rolled steel has a yield strength of S= S,= 100 kpsi and a true strain at fracture of &= 0.55. Estimate the factor of safety for the following principal stress states: (a) o.= 70 kpsi, o, = 70 kpsi, t, = 0 kpsi (b) o. = 60 kpsi, o, = 40 kpsi, ty = -15 kpsi (c) 0.= 0 kpsi, o, = 40 kpsi, ty = 45 kpsi (d) 0.= -40 kpsi, o, = -60 kpsi, Ty = 15 kpsi (e) o = 30 kpsi, ơ: = 30 kpsi, os = 30 kpsi !3! %3!
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The reaction of an alkene with mercuric acetate in presence of methanol followed by treatment with sodium borohydride is given and the product needs to be drawn. Such a reaction is known as oxymercuration-demercuration reaction.


Oxymercuration-demercuration reaction: As the name suggests, it is a double reaction as described below:

Oxymercuration: It involves the formation of hydroxymercurial/methoxymercurial compound via the reaction of alkenes with mercuric acetate and water/methanol in presence of tetrahydrofuran.

Demercuration: It involves the formation of alcohol/ether via the reduction of the hydroxymercurial/lmethoxymercurial compound with sodium borohydride.
Step: 1

Firstly, the reaction of the alkene with mercuric acetate and methanol takes place to give methoxymercurial compound as follows:

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