Poll: Why do I see her everywhere I go?

There was someone that I liked, and I haven’t seen her in like forever now. Why does it seem like wherever I go I see her in someone else? I can’t shake it.

She moved a while ago. I was just wondering.

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  1. Because you definitely love her, you love her too much from your deepest heart. I’ve never had such deep love like you have so i don’t really know about it. And maybe because you miss her so much so it seems like you see her everywhere. You should contact her and say you love her, sometimes it gets better when you have told someone you love how you feel about her. Good luck with the girl! She must be so lucky having you to love her. 🙂

  2. I believe you are in LOVE.

    No i know you are in love..

    Honey, you should call this girl and talk with her or something to actually see her as her.. and or try to move on so the distance dosnt hurt.. im not sure how to help i just have to say

    Sweet Love

  3. Because you love her trust me I go through it day and night. Hopefully you have a chance to make it work.

  4. you love her, you liked her personality and wish more people were like her, maybe shes thinking about you too so you see her….

    my friend believes if your ears start to ring that someone is talking about you…

  5. maybe you are constantly thinking about her

    or hoping to see her so much until everywhere you go, you imagine she is there to calm/mend the heart

  6. you love her and all you see in this world is her.

  7. ok, just thought I should get you into reality, and this might not be what you want to hear…

    but if it was just a crush and you’ve actually never dated her, it is infatuation, not love.

  8. Because you want her to come back

  9. You’re still in love with her…

  10. u love her

Relevant information

Why do I see him everywhere? Everywhere I go, i see him. Please help me?

So in the 1st semester, I would have class on the 2nd fl and so he. After 1st period, he would walk the same way as I would. Evrydy, I would see him walk pass me (so does he), and that’s not the only time i see him. My locker is near his (opposite), and his friend’s locker is next to mine. So when i go back to my locker, i see him with his friends, the moment he sees me going to my locker, he walks to the other side (ALL THE TIME). When I’m at my locker, sometimes i see him looking at us (not in a creepy way) Sometimes he would walk pass us (at the locker) and walks back to his locker for no reason. My friend tells me that he just look in his bag and walks back to his locker. One time i was putting on my jacket and i was pretending to look at the exit door, and i see him literally standing behind me like 3 ft away just looking at me. When i turn he looks the other way, when i look the other way, he turns his head the opposite direction. The next thing, i turn myself around and he’s gone. Since 2nd semester started i see him once a week in the hallways. Ever since my friend walked me to class and he saw us, after that week, he never walked the same way again. But why? Now i see him everywhere I go. Usually after 2nd period i would walk to my class, and sometimes i pass by him. Since we both have the same free period, I would see him where ever i go. Usually I would go to the end of the hallways where the other lockers are and see my friends. Then sometimes i see him there also (his other friend’s locker is there, but they’re on the other side) And he would walk a huge circle around us and walk back to his locker. Now, when I come back from gym, I sometime see him standing near my locker talking to his friends and heseesme and we make eye contact ( a lot when we see each other) Is this just a coincidence or something? Because it’s kind of got me thinking.But I don’t want to over think this. Can you please help me. It’s been bugging me a lot. Plus we never talked.

Updates: +1 y

Does he like me? Because i have a feeling he does, but sometimes i feel like he doesn’t like me.

Why do I see him everywhere? Everywhere I go, i see him. Please help me?

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Why do I see him everywhere? Everywhere I go, i see him. Please help me?

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