Please help wat does this mean?

wat does this mean: The joyfulness of a man prolongeth his days

3 Answers

  1. A man filled with joy will live longer. Stress or lack of joy can kill a person’s spirit or body. I hope this helps!


    adjective 1. according to law; lawful: the property’s legitimate owner. 2. in accordance with established rules, principles, or standards. 3. born in wedlock or of legally married parents: legitimate children. 4. in accordance with the laws of reasoning; logically inferable; logical: a legitimate conclusion. 5. resting on or ruling by the principle of hereditary right: a legitimate sovereign. 6. not spurious or unjustified; genuine: It was a legitimate complaint. 7. of the normal or regular type or kind. 8. Theater. of or pertaining to professionally produced stage plays, as distinguished from burlesque, vaudeville, television, motion pictures, etc.: an actor in the legitimate theater. –verb (used with object) 9. to make lawful or legal; pronounce or state as lawful: Parliament legitimated his accession to the throne. 10. to establish as lawfully born: His bastard children were afterward legitimated by law. 11. to show or declare to be legitimate or proper: He was under obligation to legitimate his commission. 12. to justify; sanction or authorize: His behavior was legitimated by custom.

  3. when your happy you feel like you have all the time in the world?

    a happy man lives longer? could have something to do with health.

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