Please help me on my Chemistry lab?

what is the shape of CH4? Is it polar or nonpolar?

what is the shape of H2S? is it polar or nonpolar?

what is the shape of C2H6? is it polar or nonpolar?

How do you find if it is polar or nonpolar?

CCL4 polar or nonpolar? NH3 polar or nonpolar

What is the shape of CO(NH2)2 polar or nonpolar?

What is the shape of CHBrCLF is it polar or nonpolar

What is the shape of C4H10 polar or nonpolar

I Know how to draw the diagrams but i just don’t know what shape they are.

By shape I need to know if it’s linear tetrahedral, bent, ext…

5 Answers

  1. what is the shape of CH4? Is it polar or nonpolar?

    Ans: CH4 is Tetrahedral and NonPolar

    what is the shape of H2S? is it polar or nonpolar?

    Ans: H2S is Bent and Polar

    what is the shape of C2H6? is it polar or nonpolar?

    Ans: C2H6 has sawhorse shape (means two tetrahedral joined together by a single bond) this molecule is NonPolar because of the symmetry of its shape the net dipole moment is Zero.

    CCL4 polar or nonpolar? NH3 polar or nonpolar

    Ans: CCl4 is NonPolar againn because of symmetric tetrahedral structure. and NH3 is Polar becasue of the net dipole moment present in the molecule becasue of the presence of one lone pair at one corner of the tetrahedron.

    What is the shape of CO(NH2)2 polar or nonpolar?

    Ans: The shape of this is Trigonal Planar. This is Polar molecule because of the net dipole moment present.

    What is the shape of CHBrCLF is it polar or nonpolar

    Ans: Shape of this is Tetrahedral. This is Polar because of the the net dipole moment present (all the four bonds have different dipole moments, so can not cancel each other completely)

    What is the shape of C4H10 polar or nonpolar

    Ans: Again it has four carbons that are tetrahedral and joined together through a carbon carbon single bond. ( I guess Zig-Saw should be the correct word for this but not sure). This is also nonpolar because of the symmetry of the molecule that causes Zero Net dipole moment.

  2. ok well take your drawings and visualize them in 3D space. for CH4 think about it. you have to have 4 other atoms around a central carbon with equal bond angles all the way around.

    There are no lone pairs so there will be no distortions or bent geometries. Also, there are no really strong electronegitive atoms that can pull or favor electrons. So. the only choice is tetrahedral. (the dipole moments also cancel out).


    I’m in both a Biology and Chemistry lab in college right now. Chemistry requires more math, but it’s also more fun (IMO). Biology deals with a lot of concepts which are easy to understand, but to me, it was kind of boring. So if you don’t mind doing the calculations, I would recommend Chemistry, but if you just want the easier class, I would go with Biology.

  4. C2h6 Polar Or Nonpolar

  5. This Site Might Help You.


    Please help me on my Chemistry lab?

    what is the shape of CH4? Is it polar or nonpolar? what is the shape of H2S? is it polar or nonpolar? what is the shape of C2H6? is it polar or nonpolar? How do you find if it is polar or nonpolar? CCL4 polar or nonpolar? NH3 polar or nonpolar What is the shape of CO(NH2)2 polar or nonpolar? What…

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