Pink concert mosh pit?

Im going to a pink concert in australia in a few days, but im in the mosh pit, and i really don’t want to get hurt.

Are moshpit’s at pink concerts bad?

Any ways to avoid getting injured in a moshpit??

3 Answers

  1. Just stay out of the middle centre if you’re worried, outside the main pit it’s pretty calm generally. Plus it’s Pink, the kind of people there would be moaning at people if they spill their drink and complaining about other people wearing the same clothes, not fighting each other

  2. I went to a Paramore concert, which I assume is about the same edginess as Pink, and I was in the middle of the moshpit. As long as you don’t push people around you should be fine. Just have a good time!

  3. I wouldnt imagine Pink moshpits to be very dangerous.

    But you could stay near the edges and just avoid ppl. Or see if someone will switch with u.

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