Pajama day – what shoes do you wear with pj pants?

Helloo, Pajama day is this friday and I’m wondering… What kind of shoes do you wear with your pajama pants?

I’m wearing a pair of long, pink cupcake printed bottom (yeah,very girly haha) and I don’t want to wear slippers because… well, the school floor is dirty and all. So, what can I wear? I’m pretty sure my regular shoes would look kind of odd, and I don’t have boots so I can’t wear those and tuck my bottoms in.


Also, I kind of don’t want my bottoms to be sweeping the floor, so should I roll them up somehow?

Rolling up the waist is a good idea ! Thanks everyone haha

Jon B: You’ve never heard of pajama day at school? That’s interesting, I’m pretty sure many schools have pj day in North America.

13 Answers

  1. Flipflops would be fine, you could roll your pants over at the waist once or twice if you don’t want them dragging.

  2. Wear gym shoes or flip flops. Roll up the bottoms, or you could roll up the waistband a few times.

  3. Wear a pj shirt with your pj pants! And black uggs.

  4. Wear simple, solid colored flats. They will look casual but not odd. 🙂 For the pants being a bit too long, fold them at the waist!

  5. Pajamas at school???

    Are you SERIOUS about this?????

    Pajama Day in a public school??? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Where do you go to school? Not the specific school, of course, but what city or metropolitan area?

  6. maybe sperrys?

    or converse.

    those are the two i would wear.

    maybe just roll the waistband up a little , you’ll be fine 😀

    i would go with sperrys though. 😀

  7. ummm….you could try some pink flip flops then paint your toe nails some funky color like bright purple……ya roll them up it will give you a cute,i-just-got-up look

  8. Simpally,,,,,you can wear “chappals” with pajamas,,,,,,,,,,,or in other words u can say sandles.

  9. If you can wear slippers or boots i would say flipflops(pink) because sneakers, clogs, or flats would just look gayy!!

  10. wear flat shoes : )

Relevant information

If you’re wearing pajama pants, choose sneakers that go with them to keep you warm all day long. If you prefer, you can wear low top or high top sneakers. You can wear high-top sneakers, a band T-shirt, and black pajama pants to work out on a casual day.

What Do You Wear With Pajamas?

  • Knots are a great way to play around.
  • Set up your own set of rules.
  • You can replace your cutoffs with Comfy Shorts…
  • Make your top into a sweater by using it as a sweater…
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  • Sweats that are too tight can be broken up.
  • You’ll Get Fancy With Something Satin…
  • Use oversized graphic tees when you are wearing a shirt.
  • How Can I Look Pretty In Pajamas?

  • You can upgrade your pajama drawer with a fresh pair of pajamas. The easiest way to look cute in pajamas is to wear a pair of fresh pajamas.
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  • A button-up pajama top with denim is the perfect way to end the night.
  • Wear pajamas as a romper or jumpsuit alternative.
  • Are Pajama Pants Supposed To Be Baggy?

    You want these pajamas to look like slacks if you’re wearing them. You don’t have to wear them with a super slim fit or tapered crotch, as you might with jeans or chinos. They can be more relaxed, however, and are snug around your butt but loose through the thigh and leg.

    What Do You Wear With PJ Pants?

    Opt for high quality fabrics such as glossy, slippery silk, or satin for your pajama pieces; this is a classic, gentleman’s look. My favorite accessories to wear when incorporating pajama pieces are a great bag or a stacked arm party.

    What Shoes Look Good With Sweatpants?

  • Gray Joggers and Old-School Sneaker. If there’s one trend that’s hard to beat in the fashion world, it’s gray joggers and old-school sneakers.
  • These sandals are strappy.
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  • These ankle boots are made of leather.
  • The white sneakers are a good choice.
  • What Do You Wear With Pajamas?

    Keep your accessories cozy by wearing a scarf. Wearing gray pajama pants, a white shirt, and a pink scarf is an easy way to look stylish. You can pair black sneakers with a gray scarf and teal or green pajama pants for a great contrast.

    How Do You Wear Pajamas Casually?

    Whether you’re wearing a robe over a simple tank top and jeans or a robe over a dress, proof sleepwear can be a great addition to any look. Layer a velvet blue robe over a silk pajamas set to take advantage of the sleepwear-as-streetwear trend. With a few buttons undone, a classic pinstripe pajama suit is even more chic.

    Can You Wear Pajamas All Day?

    Dr. Dragonette says that wearing pajamas all day and not sticking to your normal work schedule can disrupt your internal biological clock, which can lead to sleep problems, low energy, and mood swings.

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    Utmost comfort is provided by pajama fabrics, which are gentle on even sensitive skin. This helps you sleep better at night. In addition to being breathable, these types of fabrics also keep you cool during the day. The more sleep you get, the better you will sleep.

    How Should I Dress For Pajamas?

  • You can layer your PJ slip over a white tee if you want…
  • Get Your PJs Off With A Blazer.
  • PJ Shrugs With Kimono Over White On White.
  • A printed PJ bottom and a solid colour PJ top are a great combination…
  • A PJ Dress Can Be Made With An Oversize T-Shirt.
  • Is It OK To Wear The Same Pajamas Everyday?

    What is the recommended frequency for washing uld I wash my pajamas? If you sweat profusely throughout the night (or wear them when you’re sick), you don’t have to change your pajamas every night. In the event that you are not sick or sweaty, you can re-wear your pajamas three to four times between washes without any problems.

    Should I Size Up In Pajamas?

    You should buy them big. We buy one size up if you wish to reuse your pajamas next year. They will still fit your kids this year (just a little longer than last year).

    How Can I Make My Pajama Pants Smaller?

  • To begin, lay down old PJs and use a desire size PJ (in my case 36″). For convenience, mark points with chalk and cut them with scissors.
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  • How Do You Wear Pajama Pants?

  • If you want to add a little flair to your outfit, wear a band or graphic T-shirt.
  • A cropped T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt can also accentuate your waist, depending on your style.
  • You can wear a blue V-neck with gray pajama pants for a casual look.
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