On page 375 of the bible does it say “Jebus”???

Family Guy says so

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  1. I’m not checking. I have a few bibles, and the only way to accurately seek information in the bible is by book, chapter, and verse. In my bible study class we frequently joke page 635 or any other random page, because chances are it will be different in our neighbor’s bible.

    Also, the only bible that mentions Jebus is the lolcatz bible.

  2. Jebus – made up name for Jesus originally used on The Simpsons and later used on Family Guy

  3. Since we, religious or not, are all dummies where the bible is concerned, yes it is very appropriate. How boring would this world be if we were able to unravel all of life’s mysteries?

  4. Yes, it could be a typo, and clearly written by man, but there are different versions with different spellings

  5. It makes me chuckle to think of all the people who actually picked up their Bible and looked for that as a means to just prove you wrong. HAHA

  6. HAHAHA!

    May as well say Micky Mouse.. surely that book has no signature and was created as more evil was around than any other time when that book was made.

    The book if all hearsay and conjecture constantly contradicting itself and making error with those of pious nature. NO PROPHET EVER DID WHAT IT SAYS IN THAT BOOK! Its lies and man made garbage nothing more. Jesus never made it and he prayed to God not you or himself.

  7. Actually I prefer calling him Jezus myself.

  8. So family guy proves that the Bible is flawed.

    Try again.

  9. “Look at me. I’m a Christian. I’m reading the Bible.”

  10. Jebus Christ! hahahaha

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