OMG I don’t understand this joke! 10 points to someone who can please please pleeease tell me!!!?

on friends…TOW after I do

what does ross mean by mona clickclocken….then he says linda clickclocken then martin clickclocken….why is this funny?

i dont get it

I no the show is way past over but please help i dont understand this, i have the 8th season and i always watch this episode i have no idea what this joke means

wtf is a botanist?

i no it was supposed to be funny..but why. is clickclocken a real person or is it just a funny word?

Ross: Hi. I’m uh, I’m Ross. I don’t, I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Monica’s older brother.

Woman: Oh hi, I’m, I’m Mona from her restaurant.

Ross: Oh! Hello uh, Mona from her restaurant. (He uses his card to mouth those words.) (Pause) Mona, wow what a, what a beautiful name.

Mona: You think so? I’ve always kinda hated it.

Ross: Aw come on, Mona Lisa?

Mona: Uh-huh.

Ross: Mona umm…Clickclocken. The famous botanist? Huh? Oh no she’s uh—well she’s dead now. No, supposedly she was once quite the hottie of the plant world.

Mona: Really?! Well see? I never knew about her.

Ross: Linda Clickclocken. (Pause) So what uh, what-what table are you at? (She shows him.) Oh, uh me too.

Mona: Oh good. Now there’ll be someone there who likes my name.

Ross: (sexily) Yes there will. Oh guess what, Molly Gilbert you’ve just been bumped up to table one. And if it’s all right with you I’m gonna take your place at table six—Martin Clickclocken

15 Answers

  1. By the 8th season the fans of the show didn’t really care what Ross said they thought it was funny. So he could have said anything and they would have laughed. As I read through your play by play I could hear Ross saying that. Most of the Friends jokes were like that. Not really jokes just them bantering back and fourth.

  2. Here are some good and clean jokes… Where does Dracula keep his money? In the blood bank! What kind of coffee do vampires drink? De-coffin-ated! Why did the boy start a lawn care service? He wanted to rake in some cash! Where do ghosts make their beer? At the boo-ery! (brewery) What do you get when 354 blueberries try to get through one door at the same time? Blueberry jam! Why was the musician arrested? He got in treble! Why can’t a nose be twelve inches long? Because then it would be a foot! What kind of teeth cost $1? A buck tooth! What does a termite eat for breakfast? Oak-meal! What’s the best way to call a dinosaur? Long distance! What did the dinosaur say when the volcano erupted? It’s such a lava-ly day! Why were the strawberries so upset? They were in a jam! Why did the people dance to the vegetable band? It had a good beet (beat) What kind of horse only comes out on Halloween? A night-mare! What did the skeleton but at the market? Spare ribs! What day do fish hate? Fry-day! What do you call a musical automobile? Car-toon! What’s the most musical bone? Trom-bone! What did the baseball say glove say to the baseball? Catch you later! What stays in the corner but can travel around the world? A stamp! How long does it take for the gymnast to get to class? A split second! What did the shoelace say to the other shoelace? That’s knot mine What do snakes use to cut paper? Ssssscissorss (Scissors) Why do they have fences around cemeteries? Because everyone’s dying to get in! Why are graveyards so noisy? Because of the coffin (coughin’)

  3. The joke was that he was trying to find women with the name Mona but all he could think of was the Mona Lisa and Mona Clickclocken but then he realizes the name was linda clickclocken. That made the situation awkward cause it wasn’t the right name. He later says martin clickclocken as a call back to the joke. Its only really funny in context.

  4. It is funny, he was trying to associate the name Mona to famous personalities. He said Monalisa then he couldn’t thought of anything and said Mona Clickcloken as the second name which he was unsure about. Later on something struck in his mind and he though it might be Lisa Clickcloken, He said that out loud which made his point about Mona being a great name diminished and gave rise to kinda embarrassing situation. Then in the end he remembered Martin was the correct name.

  5. The joke is Ross is trying to make Mona feel better about her name by arguing that there are many famous, beautiful “Monas” but he can only think of one — “Mona Lisa”. Then he starts fishing and the only other name he can think of is “Mona Clickclocken”, a name only recognizable to academics, and then realizes he didn’t even have that right — it’s not ‘Mona’ Clickclocken, it’s Linda… No wait — Martin, not even a woman. Get it now?

  6. It s funny because Ross was trying to be helpful and tell Mona she had the same name as a famous botanist. Then he got the name wrong which was a little embarrassing and a little funny. Then he realised he had the wrong gender, which means he was waaay off, especially considering he said Mona Clickclocken was known as quite the hottie of the plant world . Anyone on this thread telling you what a botanist is or commenting on laugh tracks should shut up and stick to answering the question! Even though it was 8 yrs ago and everyone s probably moved on with their lives.

  7. the joke is that ross uses the name of mona klechklochen as a line to flirt with Mona. But Ross is obsesed about being correct so he meshes his own line by trying to think the correct name of the botanist. So , actually the fanny thing is just of Ross being himself!

  8. Botany Jokes

  9. You are got to be kidding me..It’s not “clickcloken” It’s Kleckklecken. It’s a name.

  10. A botanist studies plants..I dont get the joke either but maybe it has something to do with time or someones last name?

  11. It’s not funny to me. A botanist is a person who studies plants and trees if that helps you understand the joke better.

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OMG there’s a wolf!


No, the regular kind.


When I die I want to come back as a spider,

That way I’ll finally hear girls say “omg it’s huge”


OMG guys, you won’t believe this but James Bond just came into the bar I work at and ordered a drink

I’m literally shaking right now


Last week Oxygen took potassium on a date and it was just OK

Then yesterday I saw Oxygen with a date with Magnesium and I was like OMg


My fiancé came home with this gem…

Him: Did you hear about the actress that stabbed herself? It was all over the news, can’t remember her name…Reese something…

Me: Omg, Witherspoon??

Him: No, with a knife.

He got me good.


OMG I just found out Albert Einstein was a real person!

This whole time I thought he was a theoretical physicist!


Helium walks into a bar

Helium walks into a bar,

The bar tender says We don’t serve noble gases in here. **Helium doesn’t react!.**

What did the scientist say when he found 2 isotopes of helium? ** HeHe **

I would make another chemistry joke but all good ones **ARGON**!

I heard that Oxygen and Magnesium got together and I was like.. .. **OMg**


I was putting atoms together for chemistry. Until I put magnesium and oxygen together.



Dad cooks dinner.

He gives his kids deer meat, but doesn’t tell them but gives them a clue.

Dad: What kind of meat is this, it’s something mom calls me every day.

Sarah: OMG Billy, It’s an asshole don’t eat it.


I once saw a kid riding a bike.

I went omg that looks like mine and ran all the way home, but luckily mine was still chained up asking for food


A father has something to confess to his daughter

Dad: Daughter i need to tell you something
Daughter: yeah dad, what’s up?
Dad: you were adopted
Daughter: OMG, no way, then i want to meet my biological parents!
Dad: Oh yeah, don’t worry, that’s us! and you already know us, your new parents are coming to pick you up tomorrow.


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Gave my blonde girlfriend 4 pregnancy tests today.

She rang me back sobbing, OMG! How am I going to look after 4 kids?


my grandpa tells us about his good old days in Hong Kong

He said, “when I was your age, I can go into the groceries with 10 dollars, and come out with 2 loaves of bread, 2 dozen of eggs, 2 kilos of potatoes, maybe a few cans of soda, plus handful of candies and probably some beef jerky.”

We were like, “omg!!! That’s a lot!! 10 dollars now can only get us 2 soda!! The inflation is insane!!”

And then he was like,

“Nah!! Just there are far more CCTV these days!”


Omg Capt. Marvel exploded

De brie everywhere


Two blondes Cindy and Stacy run into each other on monday…

Cindy : Hi Stacy! Did you have a good weekend? I went out to the club on saturday!

Stacy: OMG! I was there too! I danced with two Brazilian guys who were at the club!

Cindy: Oh wow! How many is a Brazillion?


omg it’s cake day, quick, repost a cake joke!

Nah, i’m batter than that


Omg it took an hour for my friend and I to realize that our Uber driver was a celebrity!!

He’s even ranked top ten in the list of most desired people in the world by the FBI!


A lady visits a doctor

Doctor, I was eating some potato chips, and there was a small bag that said ‘DO NOT EAT’, and I accidentally ate that too, am I going to die?..

Well, we’re all going to die at some point… Starts the doctor.

We’re all gonna die?! OMG, WHAT HAVE I DONE!


What did their parents say when they heard that Oxygen and Magnesium were going to get married?



What do you say to a pregnant jack-o-lantern?

Omg! You’re glowing!


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