Name Three Specific Consequences Of The Boston Busing Crisis. [Solved]

Question 1

Name three specific consequences of the Boston busing crisis.

Question 2

3. Joey a happy pendulum having a length of 6 inches is release with a velocity of 0.5 rad’s toward to the vertica from a position 1/5 rad from the vertical. Determine the equation of motion.

Question 3

Question 4

(ii) What is tensile strain? a) The ratio of change in length to the original length b) The ratio of original length to the change in length c) The ratio of tensile force to the change in length d) The ratio of change in length to the tensile force applied.
Answer to question 1

The state of Boston which is an African-American community experienced school busing plans in the 1970s.

The event requires the African-Americans students to be sent to white schools and white students to be sent to African-American schools to achieve and reduce racial balance.

There was protest about the plan and led to the Boston busing crisis.

The specific consequences of the Boston busing crisis includes:

There was reduction of students in the school.

White flight occurred where the white students left school

School committee was abolishing and replaced with a new & answerable one to the Mayor.

Answer to question 2

Answer to question 3

27. D) Reduce oxygen footprint

Sustainable design promotes reduction of use of energy and carbon footprint, minimization on impact on air and increase in oxygen footprint.

Therefore, option D) is correct.

28. A) Wear

Stress strain curve provides the information of Young’s modulus (elastic region) , maximum strength (peak) and toughness (area under the curve) but not about wear.

Therefore, option A) is correct.

Answer to question 4

TENSILE STRAIN = LONGITUDINAL STRAIN = RATIO OF CHANGE IN LENGTH TO ORIGINAL LENGTH TENSILE STRAIN represent a change in length (increase in length due to tensile force )

Step 2 ANSWER = (A)

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