My V11 reminder states ‘This vehicle needs an appropriate MOT certificate’?

I had my car MOT’d in June and I have the certificate. I have even searched on the GOV direct website to make sure its valid and all correct. What is an ‘appropriate MOT certificate’

Does this effect my getting my road tax?

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  1. An appropriate MOT certificate is one which states that your car has passed its MOT within the past 12 months – not a different car, not out of date, not fake.

  2. It just means the appropriate one for the type of vehicle, which you have.

    If you tax it online the system should pick it up, if you go to the Post Office take the MOT and insurance certificates with you.

  3. V11 Reminder

  4. The form is just reminding you, in case it had slipped your attention, that your car is of an age to require an MoT. That always appears on a reminder about a vehicle that is old enough to need an MoT. It’s not saying you don’t have one.

    There’s nothing you need do or worry about, you’re fine.

  5. DVLA don’t check until you apply for the road tax so it is just a reminder that your car needs a valid MOT, wkich you have.

  6. It means you need mot for the vehicle to tax it, you have it, it’s standard on all v11s over 3 years.

  7. The vehicle needs an appropriate MOT Certificate. i.e one that is in date and is for your vehicle.

    You have an appropriate certificate.

    What is the problem?

  8. means you will have to take mot to post office,with your insurance, otherwise you won’t be able to tax your car. If you do it online its electronic so you do not need physical documents

  9. call the branch and clarify what’s occurring. communique is the main useful thank you to remedy problems. they might’t help you in the event that they don’t be attentive to approximately it, and by not calling to recommend them, this is going to easily seem such as you have been slack and enable issues get uncontrolled. good success. 🙂

  10. It’s a standard reminder for us all.

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