My tragus stud got stuck in my ear?

I got my tragus pierced a week ago, I have a stud type thing in it. Everything was fine until halfway through today I realized that the top of the stud was gone, but the back was still in my ear. It was really weird. So I went to the place where I got it pierced and they told me that the stud was still there but it got kind of pulled into my ear (you couldn’t see it at all) So she pulled it back to normal and cleaned it out really well. She told me to keep it really clean and to come back to get a bigger stud if it happens AGAIN!

I’m afraid because I really, really, really do not want that to happen again. What are the chances that it will? I’m going to do 2 sea salt soaks a day and not sleep on it at all.

As for it being swollen it is a bit, but there is still space for it to swell and not get tightened yet

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  1. Where I got mine done, I was told they only give you a hoop to begin with to avoid this happening. Not sure why they put a stud in, ive never heard of this before. Best thing I found to heel mine even tho I had a hoop so I didnt loose the jeweller in the swelling was few drops of tea tree oil in boiling water (let it cool a bit but use it as hot as you can) then use a cotton bud to clean around the jewellery. The swelling on mine went away and it started to heel very quickly. The salt water solution didnt work for me.

  2. same ingredient took place with my nostril piercing. I pushed it returned with the aid of and it became into rather painful. there is no incorrect way i’m able to think of of to get it out. it is going to harm no remember which way that’s pushed. Sorry! Sleep on your different area till that’s carefully healed!

  3. ahhh yea once it goes in its like a guage. the hole will slowly heal and get smaller but untill then i recomend a bigger stud or even guage your tragus. pretty original if you ask me

  4. OMG, the same thing happened to me this morning! i m going crazy right now. does it hurt when they pull it back to normal? I really thought the piercing came out too, but the back of the earring is still in tact. i m so scared 🙁

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Hello! I’ve had my tragus pierced for a long time, this is not a new piercing. This particular earring I put in it seems to be stuck. I think there is build up or it’s just a cheap/tricky earring. With the placement, it’s hard to get my hand because my tragus enough to really navigate pulling it. Any tips for loosening it before I make an appointment to have it professionally removed?

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