My ring is stamped 14k and Bz what does it mean?

My ring is silver with 2small gold columns and 3 (what it looks like diamonds)

What does BZ mean? (it might be 8Z)

What does 14k mean?

What might be it’s value?

thank you soo much

3 Answers

  1. 14k = 14 karat which is a measure of how pure the gold is. 14K is 14/24 or 58.33% gold. BZ may just be the maker’s stamp. Your ring may be white gold with yellow gold columns or it may be sterling silver with yellow gold columns. If your ring is all gold (white and yellow gold), it’s definitely worth more than if it’s mostly sterling with gold accents. Your ring could have real diamonds or cubic zirconia or some other type of clear faceted stone. A jewelry store can test the gemstones to find out if they are diamonds.

    I don’t know what the value of your ring is. Value is based on the weight of gold in your ring plus design factors plus whether or not your ring has real diamonds (and if diamonds, the grade of the cut, color, clarity and carats). You could have your ring appraised to find out what the value is. But the appraisal may cost more than what your ring is worth.

  2. It’s an ancient bomb signal. Your ring will self destruct and you will explode with it.

  3. nothing

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