My mom asked me if I want to take a shower with her Is this normal?

My mom asked me if I want to take a shower with her Is this normal?

Me and my mom are very close and she got undressed in front of me and asks if i want go go in the shower with her so ia also get naked and get in with her. She wanted me to wash her (all body Parts) is all this normal, Im 14 years old and my mom is completely healthy

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  1. Trooooollll

  2. omfg call the cops or something u are 14 n i am 15 n i don’t take showers with my mom hell no. u need to tell someone seriously ur mom needs some help.. I am not trying to be mean but that is a serious problem. U should have said no n asked her to not undress in front of u! is she married!? Call or tell someone. Get her some help. It is for ur sake whatever makes u comfortable do what ur heart says but seriously try n get her some help

  3. It’s pretty normal, depending on how you look at it. If your mom and you are really close, then don’t worry about it. Just tell her you don’t mind showering with her but you aren’t comfortable to wash her. That’s a very personal job, I agree. But maybe you could take a bath and she could shower, or vice versa. If your mom and you are completely healthy, there isn’t a violation of health at risk. It’s normal if you think it’s normal – it’s up to you to say whether you are uncomfortable or not. I’m sure she won’t be offended if you don’t want to shower with her – you are at a teenaged stage where not many teens really want to show off naked in front of people, even their parents. Like I said, it’s up to you to make the decision but from my point of view, it’s normal for me.

  4. That is sexual harrasment.

    Although, I do not know if you are really telling the truth.

    BUT I answered this because someone reading this may just actually be in the situation you claim to be in. & may read these answers and it may actually save their life.

    Look, If this is really happening to you, you need to talk to a trusted adult(guidance councler at schoo, teacher, neighbor, ect..) and from there they need to help you get help! This is WRONG. Flat out WRONG.

    If you were a little child it would be different. But you are a maturing teenager. You are a few years shy of being an adult. Please, Go find help. & DO NOT get into the shower with her agian. Tell her you are un comfortable with this. If worse comes to worse Im sure you know how to dial 911. Be safe.

  5. Wanting you to wash her body? NO it’s not normal and it’s not healthy

    If this is real you need to tell a trusted grown up, right away.

  6. No, thats not normal, you should tell a counselor at school what happened or call one of the many hotlines that are there for this specific reason

  7. its normal for some mother and daughters to get changed infront of each other, not so normal to have showers together and not normal at all to wash her, thats just totally wrong:|

  8. Maybe she’s physically healthy but from this question, I’d say she’s not all there upstairs. Sorry. Not normal at all.

  9. Everybody’s different but that’s effing weird..

    if you’re not comfortable with that don’t even think about doing it, or anything near it.

    it’s good for moms and daughters to be close.

    but not that close.

  10. I think you shouldn’t shower with your mom

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