My measurements: 33-26-34. What do you think?

Am I an hourglass?

My bust 33 (but since it’s a bust, it will automatically move to 34)

Waist 26

Hips 34

Do I need to cut my measurement in my waist area?

Korean girls told me that I am quite fat. 😐

ㅋㅋㅋ 아이구 ㅋㅋDon’t know what to believe.

7 Answers

  1. I have the exact same measurements 😀 I don’t look much like an hourglass naked though, but when I have certain clothes on, my hips flare out and I like it ^-^ I look nearly straight up and down naked because my stomach is 27, and my hipbones are 31, so my body goes out slowly.

    I’m Asian too, and there are a lot of twiggy Asians in Asia (and some here in the U.S. too). You’re not fat at all, and I’m saying that because I don’t think I’m fat 😀 34 is actually quite small for hips and bust, and a 26 inch waist is pretty small too. Even though the “ideal” hourglass is 36-24-36, there’s also one for 36-26-36. And they are pretty thin too, so there is no way that you’re fat. You don’t need to cut down your waist measurement.

    I especially don’t like the Korean girls where I live. They’re all extremely superficial : They’re probably jealous of you because they really are sticks with measurements like 30-23-30, which doesn’t look very good at all.

    edit: Your profile says you’re 5’8″ (175 cm) That’s quite thin for someone your height. I think those Koreans were out of their minds o_o I’m only 4’11”.

    And you’re a hybrid! Caucasian, Filipino, and Brazilian! I have a friend who’s Filipino and Brazilian, and she’s gorgeous 😀

  2. I would say that’s rectangular maybe slightly pearish. Im 34 26 35

  3. i might say triangle or apple? only considering which you have such slender hips. you would be an hourglass in the adventure that your waist became into smaller and your hips have been wider. and that i’m guessing you have particularly massive boobs, acceptable? like greater than a b.

  4. no, you have a great body, one that girls envy.

    for your age&height that’s good

    don’t worry bout the korean girls,

    my friends (when i go to visit them in korea) have a very different idea of “Fat” from us.

    but your perfectly fine & healthy

    dont worry!


  5. Yes you are. Feel lucky you are blessed with a well proportioned body! I think your waist size is perfect.

  6. No, you’re perfectly fine!

    By the way, long time no see Callie G.


    How’s training?

  7. considering your height i say you are definitely okay…

    Maybe those Korean girls say you’re fat because they’re jealous…lol

    But i definitely know that is no where near fat…

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