My friend smoked a lollipop stick, help?

Someone I know, (who is an adult) ate a lollipop. After they finished, they lit the stick with a lighter and smoked it. Can that affect them?

6 Answers

  1. Yes. They can actually die. they need to get medical attention as plastic fumes are highly toxic.

  2. A cardboard stick will burn not smoke.

  3. yes, anytime you smoke (inhale) a chemical you are at risk of something. Dangerous I would say yes, of what I can’t tell you. I wouldn’t recommend it. fire is bad!

  4. It may be a sign of mental illness, but I doubt it’ll affect them because the stem of a lollipop isn’t hollow.

  5. The answer is yes. Lollipop stick is not made to be lighted and smoked. If you put fire on the lollipop, there will be basically a fire on it.

    Tell your friend to stop that.

  6. Yes it will

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