Movie Quote Help “Thanks…for nothin!’?

Hey guys. This morning, this random quote from a movie came into my head… I really can’t remember much except for….

“Thanks…for nothing!!!!!”

*a young woman said it

*she said it in a silly way

*a young man comes up to her after she says it

All of a sudden I am thinking it is from Miss Congeniality….

Am I correct?!

2 Answers

  1. possibly, but it sounds like it came from the movie Chicago. Roxie says it (just as you put it, with the pause) after Velma gives her advice in the hall when she delivers her personal items, but it wasn’t a young man that approaches her, but Mama Morton ( Queen Latifah)

    Velma Kelly: Look, honey, you want some advice? Well, here it is, direct from me to you. Keep your paws off my underwear, ‘kay?

    Roxie: Yeah, okay. Thanks.

    Roxie: [Once Velma is out of earshot] For nothin’

  2. stay Gold,Ponyboy- Ralph Macchio, The Outsiders. enable’s Do It, enable’s Do it For Johnny!- Mat Dillon, The Outsiders. we are On A Bubble Blowin’ toddler Hunt, and don’t think of of we don’t understand the thank you to Weeeeed Em’ Out. -That guy With a watch Patch, The Spongebob Squarepants action picture.

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