Membranous channel extending inward from muscle fiber membrane

Question 1

A membranous channel extending inward from the muscle fiber membrane.

Question 2

The connective tissue that forms the outermost layer of the muscle is:

a. perimysium.

b. epimysium.

c. endomysium.

d. endocardium.

Question 3

Match The Terms In Column A With The Definitions In Column B. Place The Letter Of Your Choice In The Space Provided.

Answer to question 1

Within a muscle, there are individual bundles of muscle fibers called fascicles. These fibers are composed of many myofibrils which contain the actin and myosin necessary to contract. Together a series of these units is called a sarcomere and part of the sarcomere are the transverse tubules which run across the fiber to help with communication to the outside of the fiber. The transverse tubule is a membranous channel extending inward from the muscle fiber membrane.

Answer to question 2

The outermost connective tissue layer that is found surrounding an individual muscle is B. Epimysium. The perimysium is not the correct answer, because this layer surrounds individual fascicles, not the entire muscle. Endomysium is not the correct answer either because this layer surrounds individual muscle fibres. Endocardium is the layer that surrounds the inner chambers of the heart.

B. Is the correct answer.

Answer to question 3

  1. l
  2. i
  3. c
  4. b
  5. g
  6. f
  7. h
  8. a
  9. j
  10. k
  11. e
  12. d

ans 2.

  1. A band -6
  2. H zone – 3
  3. I band – 5
  4. M line 4
  5. sarcomere- 1
  6. Z disc -2

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