Martini advert – Anytime, anyplace, anywhere….. What are the rest of the lyrics?

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  1. Why thank you very much pablo xx very much appreciated babe Xxxxx

  2. Anytime Anyplace Lyrics

  3. Hmm

    Something like

    ….theres a wonderful world you can share…its the nice one it’s the bright one….it’s martini

    the lyrics changed in diffrent ad’s

Relevant information

People of a certain age will remember the Martini ad with an earworm of a song that said “Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere”. The drink’s next revival is due any minute now but the song has never been more relevant.

Employees, employers and customers increasingly expect every service, communication and transaction to be delivered where they are, right now, in a personalised and intelligent way that facilitate their next action or decision.

To stay ahead companies need

Martini Management

– delivering anything, anytime, anywhere.

This agility challenge for HR is twice as tough as it is for other functions; HR has to deliver transactions and support internally to employees and their managers as well as managing systems, culture, supply chains, data and interventions that enable the workforce to continuously adapt and improve their service to the customers.

The HR technology and services supply chain has responded to this need at speed, with a comprehensive range of HR solutions. These can be integrated to provide the HR agility and data driven workforce enablement that delivers themission-critical skills, services, strategies and support. Enabling the organisation to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere.

It’s thirsty work and, after a long week, you deserve to sit back with a nice Martini – they even have non-alcoholic versions, if that’s what floats your boat…….mine’s a Manhatton, since you asked.

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