Looking for Bombat Softball Bats… Whatever happened to them?

Recently I was given an old Bombat Softball bat the was made in the early 90’s and I think it’s one of the best softball bats that I’ve ever used. I’ve been looking for more of them online through Google, but I haven”t been able to find anyone who is selling any used ones, save for a couple listed on Ebay.

I’ve done a little scouring around the web and I’m pretty sure the company Bombat Sports Inc. is no longer in business, but I found an article that was written in 1998 that said that Nike had signed a $10 million dollar deal with them to make a line of bats.

So I’m wondering, what ever happened to them? Does anyone know where I can purchase any used Bombat Softball bats online?

3 Answers

  1. they stopped making them

  2. you will find that most bats sold in the store are illegal now Ada’s….with softball changing the rules on them all the time.. here is an idea…wood bats only….back too the way it was and should be played…and allot less injuries.

  3. Bombat

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