Let P(n) be the statement n and n + 2 are prime [Solved]

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How can a business optimize Facebook ads leads? Optimizing Facebook ads: Businesses utilize online platforms to display details about commodities and services within a given period to create awareness to the public within a given period. However, businesses seek to reach out to greater populations to widen their customer base and increase their operations, promoting sales and profits achieved within a given period.
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What are some of Facebook’s impediments to imitability? (Be sure to include something about its culture.) Impediments to Imitability Facebook is worldwide known as a social networking site that offers a large variety of unique features to its users. This is the result of hardworking teams employed at Facebook who continuously work to innovate and provide better services.
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Answer and Explanation: Businesses may employ the following ways to promote their information to reach a greater audience targeted within a given period; Creating short and catchy information and utilizing well-arranged visuals on the content. Still, businesses can choose the desired audience within a given period to help plan the content and trace the business performance to optimize Facebook ads within a given period.
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Answer and Explanation: From the very inception of Facebook, it has been consumer-focused as it frequently changes its features according to the user needs. There is a great collaboration among Facebook employees, users, and development teams that delivers high-quality services to users. Culture of Facebook includes the following values: 1. Innovation 2. Collaboration 3. Management support for innovation. Impediments to imitability: Social networking sites are not allowed to imitate the function offered by other similar sites. They have to make their own features and develop these further. This is because of various laws in force that include trademark and copyright laws.

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