Is there such a thing called “destiny” or “fate”?

Is life controlled by things called “destiny” or “fate”? I would like to think of life as being controlled by what the person does instead of that.

But I have been battling severe depression and lust problem for such a long time that I wonder if it is my destiny that I endure so much pains from those things on daily basis.

I know I wouldn’t have lust problem if I wasn’t high hormone person. I know I wouldn’t have severe depression if my life didn’t have to go through all the bad things.

I certainly accept my responsibility for not trying harder although I believe I gave my all. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be alive today.

What is your view on “destiny” or “fate”? How much do you think it controls people’s lives?

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  1. trust God.

  2. Some people would think so and it has been heard many times that “He was destined for success” or ” It was her fate to die in that car wreck” but ultimately I think what influences our lives the most is the decisions we make and choose not to make. We often hear “If only I would have gone there” or “If I would have bought all that stock I would be rich today” or “I threw away my career for marriage” These are decisions that have a great effect on our future. Then there are the powers that lie beyond our reach, the spiritual powers that may influence our lives beyond our control and leave us to believe in destiny and fate. That is why it is never a good idea to hurt other people because they may have a spiritual entity watching over them that can make your life really miserable. If I were you I would do some serious soul searching and try to find the center of your own personal being. Once you are centered then you can begin to move about without fear or trepidation. Stop living life outside and start living it within. Stop whatever you are doing for awhile and get a grip on yourself. Your future is open to whatever you want it to be. You can change it.

  3. First, if there’s a distinction between destiny and fate, I don’t know what it is. A failing that doesn’t trouble me much because I don’t believe either of the two exist. If they did, everybody could simply sit around doing nothing until destiny came along and dragged them off. When I hear people say that so-n-so’s success came about because it was his destiny I cringe. His/here success came about as a result of hard work and intelligence.

    As far as you disorders being fate, I don’t believe that either. They’re very real handicaps to be overcome, but they are not insurmountable, and there are productive things you can do.

  4. “Destiny” and “fate” do exist as concepts. While they may not in fact exist, I believe they have a profound effect on people.

    Your statements:

    “I know I wouldn’t have lust problem if I wasn’t high hormone person.”

    How do you KNOW this? And how do you KNOW you are a “high hormone person.” What does that mean?

    “I know I wouldn’t have severe depression if my life didn’t have to go through all the bad things.”

    How do you KNOW this either? Millions of people throughout history have gone through bad things – some of them gave up, some of them did not. Some of them were depressed all their lives, but some of them had happy lives.

    You don’t provide enough specifics. I believe that the idea of fate or destiny is in the mind. Self-fulfilling prophecies play a large role in how our lives unfold.

    Your life turns out the way it does largely because of what you think. If you think negatively, you will draw negative events and subconsciously set yourself up for failure (self-sabotage). If you don’t begin thinking positively and EXPECTING good things, you will never experience them.

    Love, Jack.

    PS: My opinion and a dollar will buy you a cup of coffee.

  5. I honestly feel that in some instances destiny or fate is there. But don’t forget, as the saying goes, people control their own destiny. I’m sorry that everything isn’t working out for you but remember behind every rainstorm, eventually the sun does have to come out. Also, if you never suffered bad things in life then you would never get to the good things.

  6. I don’t believe destiny or fate. But it is true that in our life, there are lots of things that we can not control. To have a good life or to be successful, we for sure need some luck.

    Good Luck, nicesinging1.

  7. People are free to decide what they want and make choices but they are limited by external factors. Nothing is for sure so stop worrying about fate and destiny and take control of your life.

  8. i am sure there is something called destiny tht controls our life.

    if not then how it happens tht a person works so hard but he doesnt get a worthy reward ?

    if not then why a person cant say,”this is going to be my future” instead of “this is going to be my future plan”. ?

    if not then why a person cant have whatever he wants in his life?

    if not then how something happens tht is totally out of imagination…like one gets ruined in few seconds, one becomes the owner of a huge property, one gets married to an unknown ans so on……

    coz its DESTINY tht decides wht we should have,wht not…….

  9. Up to a dozen can be considered a gang, over 2 dozen is a pack.

  10. destiny or fate is reality, what is … thats fate, only understanding where you have been… can you control your destiny.

  11. no, depending on your choices u make in life, will lead you to either success of failure and in the end u will die so it doesn’t really matter

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