Is there any way to play Gamecube games on a Playstation 2?

I like many Gamecube games my friends have, and I would like to play them at home. Also, I don’t want to waste money on a Gamecube when I’m going to get the Wii. Is there some kind of adapter?

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  1. No there isn’t. The machines are completely different. Gamecubes aren’t very expensive nowadays, but if you want to wait for the Wii, that’s perfectly fine, since the Wii will be able to play GameCube games.

    blademasterlink: you’re wrong. New consoles do not drop price after a couple months. Maybe a year, year and a half later they might drop price. Additionally, consoles don’t generally get new revisions for some time after the initial release, assuming they get new revisions at all. In general, the first release of a console is fairly solid, because you can’t very well go and upgrade your console like you can a piece of software. I fully expect the first revision of the Wii to be a solid gaming machine. Plus, when new revisions are released, it’s not publicized, so you’d have a tough time telling when (if) it happens.

    As for adaptors, well, they don’t exist. The closest you could come is getting some special hardware that will let you dump the GameCube game’s data to your computer, then trying to find an emulator for it, but I highly doubt a functional (or full-speed) GameCube emulator exists. Besides, it’d probably be cheaper to go buy a GameCube (possibly used on eBay) then to get the hardware necessary to dump the disk to your computer.

  2. No but for more money than the gamecube costs, you can get an adapter for your computer to play gamecube games. If you want my advice, the price of the gamecube will go down as soon as they relese the wii, so buy a used one then. NEVER BUY THE FIRST VERSION OF A GAME SYSTEM. There are always a few bugs to work out, and they usually severly drop the price within a month or two. So you get a better deal and better equipment.

  3. Dude, a Gamecube is like what nowadays $50 used…if you have a bunch of Gamecube games you want to play…just fork out the doe. If you want to wait, I heard the new Nintendo System coming out besides playing nintendo’s newest games is going to play any nintendo game ever made for any of its systems (gameboy, 16 bit, super, 64, even virtual boy, etc.)

  4. no there is no adapter,and besides the gamecube games have certain grafics which means if you were to put a gamecube game in your ps2 and if it would work the game itself would probably damage your ps2’s software

  5. No,… well you might but you would have to mod the hell out of it which would cost a lot of $$$$$$$$$

  6. no besides the disk is to small

  7. no?

  8. no!!!

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