is there any name for arjuna’s chariot(rath) that he used during the mahabharatha war?

In hindu mythology mahabharatha kurukshetra war is a very important and the climax event in which pandavas won with the help of lord krishna. Lord krishna drove the chariot of arjuna in the war and promised not to use weapons in the war.

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  1. There is no name for Arjuna’s chariot (rath) in the Mahabharata war. This chariot was presented to him by Lord Agni. However, this chariot was destroyed after the Mahabharata war. This was because Lord Hanuman who protected Arjuna’s horses & chariot got up from the chariot. Lord Hanuman had protected the chariot & the horses throughout the 18 day war by just sitting on it (invisibly) at the top.

    At the end of the war, after Lord Krishna & Arjuna had walked some distance away from the chariot, Lord Hanuman got up. Immediately, the horses were burnt alive & the chariot burst into pieces. That was the deadly effect of the divine weapons of both, Drona & Karna, on Arjuna’s horses & chariot.

  2. Arjuna Ratha

  3. No specific name other than Ratha

  4. rath

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