Is there a car dealership that is open 24 hours a day or even one that ever stayed open for 24 hours straight?

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  1. Not likely. Dealers stay open if they are selling cars. Ive seen dealers that close at 8 lock the gate and go home at 7 because they hadn’t had a customer in 2 hours and Ive seen them in there as late as 10:30 working a deal.

    I cant imagine any place populated enough to sell cars in the wee hours of the morning. But if there were, believe me, dealers would be open.

    Far sooner you would see a bunch of 24 hour restaurants & supermarkets & drug stores.

    Occasionally dealers will have “moonlight” type gimmicks where they stay open till midnight but usually if someone was going to buy it would be well before midnight.

  2. During the final hours of the “Cash for Clunkers” deal there were definitely dealerships that were open around the clock.

  3. Grapevine Dodge in Grapevine, TX used to but they stopped that about 6 months ago.

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