Is the weather map on television a computer-generated one?

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  1. Television Computer

  2. Professional meteorologists know some aspects of the weather map on television are computer-generated one while others … such as frontal positions or tropical cyclone positions … are analyzed manually.

  3. Yes, it’s computer generated with manual inputs (unless it’s strictly radar or satellite). When I interned at a tv station, I was manually putting in air masses, fronts, jet stream position, storms, etc… Forecast temperatures and conditions were also added manually on various maps. It could be different at other stations.

  4. Yes, meteorologist use computer software to generate weather maps.

  5. Yes. Temperature/dewpoint/pressure data is “contoured” using a computer. Fronts and pressure system centers can then be indicated on the map by a trained person.

  6. yes, with some embellishments.

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Most other maps involve a computer at some point in displaying them.

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