Is the 2leep website unsafe?

Is anyone here having some computer problems when visiting 2leep’s websites?

I’ve been going there, but every time I go there, eventually, my laptop begins to slow down, gets laggy, and then unresponsive. Before you mention that whole pop-up-antivirus-virus, I know about it and avoid getting it by; first disconnecting to the internet, shutting down the browser, and run a check if my computer downloaded anything malicious.

But 2leep and Avalanchers, are great websites, constantly slows down my computer.

Has anyone here, who’ve gone to those websites, been having the same problem?

3 Answers

  1. I visited 2leep with Firefox and NoScript, Ghostery and Ad Block Plus enabled, seems to work fine.

    Ghostery is reporting FaceBook Social Connections, everyone knows FaceBook is hacked, perhaps there is a connection?

  2. people comprehend damn properly what’s on those sites earlier they ever get on them. many of the time this is precisely what attracts them to it interior the 1st place. i think of individual might could desire to be a dumbass, like the chick talking approximately sexual attack on MySpace, in the event that they think of they gets on the internet the place, virtually, the full international is sweet earlier your fingertips and anticipate some Wizard of ozbullshit. people like that don’t choose computers and should no longer be on the internet. in case you do no longer choose something time-commemorated, then do no longer supply out your ideas it is so undemanding as that. MySpace isn’t risky. little ones comprehend the deal. father and mom merely could desire to computer screen what the hell their little ones are doing.

  3. 95% of the links are no problems, the other 5% can lead to nasty things. It happened to my gf’s laptop and guess who had to fix it? MEEE oh joy of joys … =D

Relevant information

Darn. I wanted to write the first review of this one but I got beaten to it. The trouble was, every time I remembered I wanted to write the review, I had to go check out the site first, and by the time I eventually came back to the real world I was too tired to write the review.

So I’ll just say that I entirely agree, this is one that can easily soak up far too much of your time. Even so, I can’t give it four stars because it is only indexing content on other sites, it isn’t providing a huge amount of good content itself.

The blogs it tends to link to, though, often do have really good, or unusual, or provocative material and they also often link on to other interesting places. That’s how you get hooked. If you are using tabbed browsing and new pages are opening in new tabs, be careful because you can find that you’ve opened so many tabs that everything is grinding to a halt. Check every now and then and close the ones you’re done with.

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