Is the 2005 Yamaha V-Star 650 fuel injected or carburetor?

I was just wondering if my bike is fuel injected or carburetor? I didn’t know if all the 2005’s were the same. I dont have the manuel to my bike and when I look it up online it says carburetor. But then again my neighbor has the same bike I have and he says that they’re fuel injected. Someone please help…

8 Answers

  1. check out great site for the 650 v star

  2. 2005 Yamaha V Star 650

  3. 2005 Yamaha V Star

  4. Maybe your neighbor doen’t have a clue. If on line at said it is carb then it is unless he has put injection on his. That is a very good upgrade if he did. fuel milage and elavation changes are no problem.

  5. Your bike has two 28mm Mikuni downdraft-type carburetors.

  6. the new models are all fuel injected like 1993 and older are all carbarated

  7. should be carbureted but go to and check

  8. No choke no carb.

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