Is tequila (Patron) stronger than cognac(Hennessy)?

I’m trying to have a get together and don’t want to provide something strong for my guest. I was thinking about margaritas or daiquiris but then I’m curious if cognac is ok… has anyone had both of this liquor and in their opinion which one is stronger?

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  1. A bit. But is can give you one hell of a hangover too.

  2. They are about the same.

    If you are mixing drinks then the amount of spirit you use will be what determines how strong they are.

  3. No they are the same.

    It is only because tequila tastes like donkey P~iss makes you think it’s stronger.

    Suggest you and your kiddie friends stick to lemonade

  4. yes

  5. They both contain the same amount of alcohol. It all depends how much spirit you put in your margaritas or daiquiris.

  6. No.

  7. The alcohol content is listed on every bottle, often followed by the word “proof”.

    If a bottle is labeled 40 proof, that means it is 20 percent alcohol.

    Patron Silver tequila is 80 proof, which means it is 40 percent alcohol.

    Hennessy VS cognac is also 80 proof.

    The difference comes in how you drink it.

    The cognac is usually served as it comes from the bottle. 1 oz of alcohol in a snifter.

    The tequila could be mixed and diluted with ingredients that cut the percentage of alcohol per drink served. Still, you’re probably serving at least 1 oz of tequila in a mixed drink.

    In other words, there would be the same percentage of alcohol in each drink.

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