Is master bating everyday is a good thing or is it bad for health.?

Does spumes contain proteins which when we master bed fall away from our body.Does Master bating everyday increases hair loss or can it cause male pattern baldness.Help ME

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  1. If you want to masturbate, then of *course* you should.

    Masturbation is having sex with the only person you’ll ever meet who knows *exactly* what you feel and what you like, even if that changes every second. It’s normal and very healthy for you, and learning what pleases you sexually is good for you.

    Masturbating won’t prevent any of the things you’ve been told it can (although there’s a statistical link with prostate cancers that’s certainly interesting), but it *will* prevent sexual frustration (which is just as bad for you as *any* unhealthy kind of drive-denial stress)… and it will help to insure that you’re at you peak of fertility if you ever decide to become a dad: sperm cells that age and die off take up space and are replaced with younger and healthier ones much more quickly if you ejaculate at least a couple of times a week.

    Don’t believe *any* of the lies you might have heard about how “bad” it is for you or how “sinful” God thinks it is, either. If doing it *caused any of the problems you might have been told, I’d be dead a thousand times over by now: I masturbated 7 or 8 times a day from age 13, throughout my teens and into my early 20s, and I still do it 5 to 10 times a week at age 48… in *addition* to a healthy and active sex life with my girlfriend.

    Orgasm is one of the best feelings us humans can ever experience while fully conscious and without the aid of devices or drugs… so I really don’t understand why you *wouldn’t* want to masturbate…

    … but if you don’t want to do it, then just don’t do it. Most of the benefits it can have for your physical health can be obtained in other ways anyhow.

  2. Master Betting

  3. Masterbating (one word) everyday does in fact deplete the body of needed proteins and enzymes. It also makes you less sensitive for real sex. Curb your appetite and go take the dog for a walk instead. And NO, I don’t mean for you to do it with the dog! (just in case you misunderstood me). Oh, and if masterbating everyday increases hair loss, my husband would be bald. He’s not. Good luck!

  4. HAHAHA. Its not nearly as bad as being illiterate. It causes none of those things, and doesn’t leach your protein, that’s preposterous. Actually its known to be a great stress reliever, and it’s lots of fun. Go for it, but beforehand read a book.

  5. It is 100% healthy and actually proven to be good for you. There are no negatives unless you lock yourself in a room and do it all day, then it only becomes a psychological issue.

  6. Well i think it’s very healthy some people do it because they have not experiences yet and do it just to make then feel good. there are a lot of things people do to then self to be ok Come who does it? it’s ok th say cause i do

  7. No negative effects whatever. You don’t “lose” anything that you don’t automatically replace on a daily basis. Masturbating is no different than sex with another person. Nothing to worry about, enjoy.

  8. Virtually every young guy is masturbating at least once every day , and it does no harm whatsoever

    So relax and continue to do what is an enjoyable , free pastime

  9. It is a personal choice what you do with your body. Normal self pleasure (ie not inducing or inflicting pain) is purely your own business and harmless fun

  10. It is a great and healthy thing.. I would worry about the stress of going bald if i did not. And i am not joking

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