is lightning struck wood valuable?

is lightning struck wood valuable? I have heard that the wood after it has been struck you can sell it for pretty good money. is this true? if it is can you tell me how much it is worth so that i know. thank you!!!!

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  1. try ebay they can sell anything, add a snot rag from jerry garcia and you may have some money coming!

  2. Lightning Struck Wood

  3. Wood struck by lightning usually becomes stronger, because its normally porous structure becomes more compact, and, thus, denser and stronger. Such is the premise behind the film-based-on-the-novel, “The Natural”, in which wood from a lightning-struck tree was used to create a seemingly powerful bat (nothing to do with the batter, of course!). 😉

    Since many trees are struck by lightning every day, there is probably no value in such, except, possibly to an artist or furniture maker, and, even then, it would probably be rejected because of its scorched surfaces, even if sanded down (in other words, the “Natural’s” bat is more myth than reality). Look at it this way: The only reason why diamonds – – just a rock! – – are valuable, is because someone had to dig for the stuff and cut it to precise specifications (never mind that it’s controlled by a virtual monopoly!). Sea shells were once considered a form of money by Native Americans, and other peoples; what are they worth now?

    Basically, there is such a mythos over lightning (i.e., “lightning never strikes twice in the same place” is far from true!), that, over the years, some folks gave “magical” attributes to anything struck by lightning, including people, especially if they weren’t killed by it!

    Of course, if the wood has burned all the way through, then it is ash, and is completely useless to anybody! 😉

    The link, below, shows some nifty pix of lightning-struck trees; it doesn’t answer your question, but it has nice info (FWIW, I couldn’t find *anything* about it having any value on the web, and since nobody else has asked this question, I gave you a star for being “Interesting”!)

  4. This Site Might Help You.


    is lightning struck wood valuable?

    is lightning struck wood valuable? I have heard that the wood after it has been struck you can sell it for pretty good money. is this true? if it is can you tell me how much it is worth so that i know. thank you!!!!

  5. Wood burns no matter if lighting struck it or not. I’m a older person and have used wood that got struck and it burns like any other wood.

  6. Usually wood explodes or burns up. You maybe getting it mixed up with metal rods. Some people who live on the beach or lakes with sandy shores. Especially in stormy states like Ark, OK, Texas, Alabama, etc. They take a lightening rod and stick it into the sand on the beach. When the lightening hits a metal rod and goes into the sand it creates sand figures. Or glass figures.

    the lady in the movie: raiseing Alabama or something? Did that and had a bunch of figurines in this shop. It really does that just make sure to go get them when the storm is over.

  7. Uh….wouldn’t it be charcoal?

    All the lightning struck trees I have seen are burnt to crispies.

  8. If you dont want it, I will take it and burn it in my wood stove to toast my tootsies. That makes it at least a little valuable to me.

  9. As the other person said, Ebay is your best bet, and if u really wanted to sell it make up a little story behind it!

  10. only if it’s in the shape of jesus or mary… then it’s worth thousands to some religious nutjob… otherwise it’s a scrap wood.

Relevant information

I have a connection thunder storms and to Thunderbird. This connection is part of who I am and my path as a catalyst to help others to find their way. My elder has even named me as such. He refers to me in Dakota as Wakinyan Wi luta or Red headed Thunderbird Woman.  He says that I carry great change with me. I feel that is a correct assessment, as I am often the person that triggers others to find their own true path. Perhaps I have even helped you on yours.

The trees that I have gathered wood from were struck while I was close enough to find the tree after the storm had past.  The White Oak was struck many years ago and was calling to be spread out into the world. I also have bark, wood, and chips from a Black Cherry that was struck last year during our Women’s Gathering and a friend has sent me some precious Red Wood, gathered with permission from private land in CA. 

I honor the spirit of the tree by leaving offerings, thanking it for its life, and asking it if it would like to share its new energy with others. There have been trees that have said no.  That is always respected. Others, like the Oak that is available in the shop, are very excited to help others all over the world.

Yes, I speak as if the trees have a voice and life… to me, they do. All things; plants, animals, birds, bodies of water, the woods, etc.; have a spirit, a voice, a life… if we just take the time to listen. They have many things to teach us. Become still enough to listen and they may help you along your path. This is part of being in balance with nature.

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