Is Kelly Clarkson a dwarf?

Look at her on commercials and photos. Her face resembles the characteristics of a dwarf and so do her body proportions with her arms.

I know by height shes not a dwarf, but her face and arms are dwarflike.

7 Answers

  1. I asked the same thing except I said munchkin.I think she is or maybe someone in her family was.

  2. Shes a bit muscular unlike some chicks with spaghetti arms or thigh arms X’D

  3. No, she’s 5 foot 3, shortish but that’s a normal height. She’s just a bit chubby sometimes.

  4. No a dwarf if someone who is alot shorter than her

  5. I don’t think she does and if you don’t agree then go head and thumbs me down.

  6. Yes she is.

  7. No she is not

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