Is it wrong to let my cat eat me out?

Ididn’t mean for it to happen. I was just lying on my bed with a skirt and a thong on and my cat came up like she usually does and I thought she just wanted to sit with me. I didn’t move but she put her head under my skirt and started licking. I was startled at first and was going to move away but it felt so good! My friend does and said its not harmful because animals actually have more sanitary tongues than humans especially cause they’re indoor cats. So is it ok? It felt Amazing!!

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  1. If this is at all true you are a mentally disturbed individual. That’s called beastiality and its illegal in most countries. I feel sorry for the poor cat. I hope this a joke but if not, go get mental help. Anyone who thinks oral sex with an animal is healthy needs serious mental evaluation.

  2. Stop trolling. I’ve had cats all my life, and not ONCE has one of them tried to eat me out! A dog might try it, but a cat won’t.

  3. Obviously BS!!! Cats have very rough tongs that would remove a layer of skin. Total BS…

  4. I presume it is ok but consider if cat had previously ate a mouse

  5. That’s pretty much the exact thing as having sex with a cat…. so no.

  6. Beastiality is generally against the law. Indoor or not, it probably is not a safe practice.

  7. it doesn’t sound okay even if it was amazing but whatever floats your boat and turns you on

  8. When I was a little girl, I did that and it felt amazing.

  9. i guess its okay but i wouldnt publicly announce this to your friends or anything like that…

Relevant information

Okay, I adopted a cat from a rescue shelter 2 weeks, 1.5 days ago. I only adopted her because she looked adorable in her photos & reminded me so much of one of my sister’s cats who bonded with me so much that she “picked” me when I lived with them and would knead me, making biscuits, when she didn’t do that to my sister or her husband.

So this cat I adopted was an hour away and cost double what cats at the shelters cost as it was a rescue shelter where they saved her from the shelter. She was there for 7 months until I adopted her. She was so feral-seeming when I met her that I wouldn’t have taken her if I hadn’t driven an hour & a 1/2 to get her. After a few days, she turned sweet and would follow me around until she got more comfortable. Occasionally I see her feral side though…

Yesterday, I tried to play with her with my red sweats drawstring and she got really upset again. It’s my fault as she made it clear the day before that she gets very upset when I pick it up as she thinks I am stealing it. She been this way with her toys and her pet blankets when I tried to move one before. Now I know better. So it was completely my fault yesterday because dumb human didn’t understand her meow cries about that drawstring. I’ve come to realize that she likes to play by herself unless I am throwing paper wads in the air for her or rolling a cage ball on the floor for her to chase. She’s shown me she can do that by herself though. :/ After she was scolding me, I tried hard to please her and gave her more new toys and treats but she still was upset.

Then, I got hurt and upset and stupidly put her stuff outside my bedroom and closed the door so she couldn’t get in for one minute until I saw her staring at the front door and got scared and quickly opened my bedroom door and put her stuff back inside. I then made an even bigger mistake by pulling out more new toys for her and putting them in front of her, giving her my green drawstring also, giving her more treats and more catnip to get things back to how they were. She left my room and wouldn’t come back in to sleep on my bed like she has this past week since I opened my bedroom door to her. I tried more groveling but to no avail.

Then, when I fell asleep, I woke up to her jumping on my bed, then again to her cleaning herself but in a fake way that I’ve seen her do before where it’s to look like she’s not interested or about to do something…I fell back asleep but then awoke to an extremely hard lick on my arm that I can still feel 9 hours later!!! I’m not exaggerating. She’d licked me gently before but this was so hard and rough!!! And her face was scary. I had turned my light on when I woke up to her jumping on my bed so I woke up to see her cat head close to mine with an “evil” look with scary eyes and felt sure she was about to seriously bite me next after that super hard, extremely rough lick. I quickly jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom, then threw her scratching pad outside my bedroom and then locked her out when she went to sit on it. When she cried to be let in, it sounded angry and feral before it changed during the night to gentler and gentler when she did cry sporadically.

I let her in my bedroom when I woke up this morning and after some confusion on her part and semi-friendliness but also sometimes feral looks, she is curled up on bed next to me. I’m not sure what to do at this point. I’m scared of her and convinced she will try to kill me if she gets angry with me again. I shouldn’t have tried to grovel yesterday. I realize that now. It kept making everything worse. Last night I was sad thinking I’d have to put her back in her carrier and drop her off at the rescue shelter. I think I screwed up by spoiling her so much already and I hate worrying about dominance issues I read about online when I try to do research on caring for her. I’ve given her tons of toys already, treats, 7 pet blankets, multiple scratchers, a cat tower she ignores. I was SO happy with her before and so, so in love and now I’m scared of her.

I see my options as 1) hoping she doesn’t attack me when I’m sleeping, 2) crating her up and taking her back to the rescue shelter, or 3) locking her out of my bedroom at night which will just make her hate me more…I lived with my sister’s four cats for 2 and 1/2 years but they were adopted as kittens, not a 3 & 1/2 year old. Please don’t reply if you think cats are just all harmless sugar with no scary spice side to them. I tried to Google why did my cat lick me hard but didn’t really find anything. Any advice is appreciated.


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