is it possible to dye a dead persons hair?

my best friends aunt died and she has asked for me to check on the internet if its possible to dye a dead persons hair,i know its a weird question but her aunt loved her hair colour and when she died it went completely white.thanks in advance for your answers.

i know it sounds weird but this was the womans dying wish and my friend is respecting her wishes…

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  1. Hi angel as a nurse i know you can and on a personal level my best friend died last year after a few weeks in hospital her roots all come through and she loathed it, it is what upset her the most from being so poorly. After she passed away her sisters dyed her hair for her put her best clothes on and make up so she went off in style.You just have to speak to undertakers to make arrangement some do it for you and ignore some of the answer we die in dignaty and respect and we respect what they wanted

  2. Stripping hair ordinarily is going to kill your hair, i’ve got in my opinion found out this from experience. Wait to dye your hair, get a hair trim and wait a month until eventually now you do. Being a blonde is unfavourable sufficient yet you particularly don’t have the want to make your hair fall out, because of the fact it is going to if it relatively is over processed.

  3. You local undertaker or funeral parlour is where you need to go for your answer.

    Whether they would help you in this way I don’t know without a charge. If there is a spare wig in the house this might solve it. But as you say, a strange request and a morbid one too. I assume your friend wants to change the white to before and original colour.

    Would a dead persons hair be receptive to dyeing, give it a thought.


  4. Yes, you can dye her hair! It’s just like dyeing hair extensions because at the end of the day it’s somebody else’s hair, and sometimes a dead person’s!

  5. yes but her roots will start showing white eventually anyway because your hair keeps growing for a while after you’ve died. plus it is a bit wierd you know but the funeral directors will have someone who does it for a living.

  6. They do that at the Mortuary. Part of their charge.

    They made up mom really well when she died. They didn’t even use her own lipstick, but she looked GREAT! They also plucked her facial hair.

  7. you can dye a dead persons hair, but its not a common request and may go wrong , in which case there there is no going back.

  8. Yea of course you can…

    Just ask the funeral directors to do it for you.

  9. Yeah I think it is.


  10. yes it is if you ask the funeral directors they will do it for you

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