Is it ok to wear a wifebeater while running?

I’m talking about running in a white wifebeater early in the morning because it’s hot outside. I am a younger male teen who is skinny with not much muscle and I was reading that wifebeaters make you look trashy or you live in a trailerpark. I don’t want to be embarrased or have others staring at me. Thanks, I know this sounds weird but at times I’m unconfident :/

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  1. I always did that last summer, and so did my other friend in xc…most of us just rip our shirts off anyway at our school, so a wifebeater is a step up here lol. It really shouldn’t be a problem, i doubt anyone cares, and if someone asks it was because you were hot, that’s just summer for ya

  2. Well..its better than no shirt at all. I would say it’s fine but try looking for a shirt that wicks sweat so you’re not running in anything cotton.

  3. im the same way, but i decide it’s better than sweating my ******* *** off. so i wear tank tops running. it gives me a good tan.

  4. wear what you want, no one cares

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