Is it harmful for a dog to have some of an otter pop?

Whenever I have an otter pop (which isn’t often), I let my yorkie have a few licks of it. He doesn’t get sick or anything after but I just want to make sure, is it harmful to him?

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  1. Ok I used to have a yorkie so like you know they’re very fragile on the inside and out. But an otter pop should be fine, obviously don’t give it a full one and don’t let it eat any that are flavored grape. Little dogs can die if they eat grapes although the otter pop won’t have a lot of actual grape in it I wouldn’t recommend it

  2. No, but otter pops are like iced koolaid with a lot of sugars, just keep some sort of cap on it.

    You don’t want a dog addicted to sweets. Their pancreas can handle a lot of sugar.

    Your dog sneaks a whole otter pop it won’t hurt, but not something for a regular treat.

  3. i’m more worried about the fact that you’re teaching your dog that he can have human food. a few licks aren’t harmful to the pup, but teaching him to beg is.

  4. Not lethal or toxic but NOT healthy for a dog (which has virtually NO pancreas) because they were NEVER DESIGNED to eat HIGH levels of SUGAR (high fructose corn syrup) and this contains not ONLY that, but lots of nasty preservatives & ARTIFICIAL colors.…

  5. its far from a good idea

  6. Lucky Yorkie.

    We have a yogurt shop in my ‘hood that actually sells little frozen yogurt cups for dogs. In moderation, Yorkie will enjoy the Otter pops.

  7. No more harmful than you licking some fresh cowshit. Nice & juicy & warm. Stepping in a cow patty bare footed isn’t any fun, it oozes between your toes.

  8. Your dog should be fine, its just color, water, sugar, and flavor. Be sure to watch your pup just in case.

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