Is Fluid a good TV company?

I am wanting to get a flat screen, and this one Fluid TV caught my eye because it is a






60 Hz

is this a good TV if I play games like on PS3 and Xbox 360 watch blu ray movies and TV?

The price is $599.99.


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  1. I just made a down payment of $100 on this Television (exact same one) on Thursday! for $599 and with 2 year warranty it’s worth it…i mean i don’t know squat about televisions and my current LCD is a RCA 32″ and i wanted something bigger but i cannot afford a $800-1000 television….but with 2 years warranty i would say go for it, if it has any problems just return it and get another one or your money back. But just to let you know, if you do buy it keep your receipt and original box it came in if you have to return it for some reason….if you don’t have both they wont accept it back. I will be doing the exact same thing playing PS3 (well my boyfriend) and i will be watching general television/DVD’s….Give it a shot for $599 for a 46″ it’s pretty good and even better with 2 years warranty if not just save up more money for a “known” brand like the others are saying that will give off the same picture (well of course sony will be more vibrant in colors but it’s a sony and it’s expensive) i compared it at the store next to a samsung and it had the exact same picture. Hope i helped =)

  2. Sure – I’ll listen to someone that’s “never heard of them before” cause ya – it makes good sense to listen to someone that has already mentioned he is ignorant about the subject! We got a 55 inch Source Fluid HD TV and it rocked! It still works BUT – we’ve had some screen “shading” that appears to be expanding. It started in the left top corner and has kinda ivied it’s way all down the left side. Some pictures (specially badly lit, non hd stuff) it shows up very obviously, other stuff (bright hd, most hd stations) it’s fine or barely there. Wondering if this is dead pixel stuff? Would that be far more obvious? We are definately getting a name brand this year but this Fluid still works and got us through the last 3 years just fine. If she goes silent on her fourth birthday – so be it! You could do far worse for your first timid shot at the big HD! 🙂

  3. I bought a 32″ Fluid 1080dpi LED TV on December 29, 2011. It went completely dead after 4 years in our living room. We just used it in evenings, maybe 3 hours per day, mostly in Winter. Price was $525.00 with a two year warranty. Visa may have extended that 1 year.

    The picture was excellent but sound with the built in speakers was horrible, I hooked a high end set of computer speakers to the headphone jack to get around that. Google Fluid tv ratings for more. There seems to be no clear data as to who made this TV, some say Toshiba since control codes are similar.

    I just ordered an LG the same size for three hundred bucks after some research.

    Being a retired and experienced technician I took the back off of the Fluid and found ShenZhen realtop technology co on the mainboard. Things inside look quite impressive but no service manuals are available.

  4. I owned (past tense) 2 Fluid TV’s, a 27″ and a 32″. In less than 3 years they were both in the garbage. The picture disappeared on the 27″ and the 32″??? When I would first turned it on, the picture would be all distorted. After 5 or more “turn off/turn on’s, the picture would clear.

    My review, don’t touch it! Pay 20% more and buy a name braand. I have now 2 Sharp, 42″ and 32.” Very satisfied.

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  7. I would advise against purchasing any Fluid product. Purchased a 28 inch tv/dvd unit in April. DVD player stopped working in less than six weeks. Purchased a Fluid DVD player four weeks ago. Unit stopped functioning this morning. No way to manually eject the disk trapped inside. Had to disassemble the player to retrieve the disk.

  8. Fluid is a branded TV purchased by “The Source” the old Radio Shack company. Don’t know the factory that makes them. Out of China for sure.

  9. I personaly never heard of this brand. but i recommend sony,samsung and lg. also

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  10. told by source employee that the fluid tv are made by lg as of dec 2015

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