Is legal?

Someone on a forum for books recommended this site for free download of epub books but I”m not sure if it’s a safe site and legal to download books from it based on copyright. I don’t know if clicking on it will download a virus. Have you used it?

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  1. The web site itself is technically legal. What you download (and what some people upload) may be illegal. They have a number of books that are under copyright. Downloading those is illegal. While the site has a stated policy that they don’t allow material that’s under copyright, they’re notoriously slow at taking action when violations are reported and require the author to send them a legal DMCA takedown notice, which takes time and money.

    If you see a book you’re interested in, check legitimate online stores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes or Google Books. If it’s free at those site then you’re fine. If it costs money, then downloading it for free is illegal.

  2. Epub Bud

  3. Yes it is legal and clean downloads. I have used it a few times.

    More legal ePub download sites here

    Free ePub Books Online…

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Relevant information

I just found 10 Christopher Moore books on epubbud dot com. While the site appears to be legit, I question whether these particular downloads are. Does anyone have any experience, or info on this site? My google-fu isn’t turning up much.

edit: After poking around the site a bit, I realize now that there is quite a bit of dubious material available for download there. Please disregard that I am an idiot for coming here and asking this without digging a little more first.

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