Is AOL the worst Internet provider ever?

16 Answers

  1. AOL charges an excessive price for its lame service. You get disconnected several times. bottom line: yes, indeed AOL is the worst internet service provider

  2. Yes, it sure is.

    Unfortunately, when you go to get rid of them and switch over to somebody else you have to basically run your restore CD to put the factory image back on your computer, because the AOL software takes over your system when you install it.

    The AOL software is one of the first things to go whenever I get a new computer, or whenever I’m re-setting up a computer either for myself or for someone else. I just did a conversion a few months ago and she was so much happier with the DSL.

    My sister in-law has AOL and she’s thinking about getting DSL, because AOL is driving her nuts and my mom has AOL and it’s driving her nuts too. Unfortunately, my mom might need to get a new computer in order to get DSL, because she has one of the strangest computers I have ever seen.

    It’s a Gateway and everything is built into the back of the monitor. The first time I went to work on her computer I was looking all over for it. I could hear the fan running, but I could not find the damn box. Finally, I figured it out by tracing the cords. I told her, I never would have suggested that computer because it has zero upgradeability. All she needs is a LAN connection, but I don’t remember it having one.

  3. AOL back interior the day (2001-2002). I had the toughest time getting my subscription cancelled. i’m happy their inventory tanked. It took 2 hours properly worth of telephone calls to get them to provide up charging me. i presumed they have been going to deliver somebody over to break my kneecaps.

  4. they’re horrible, and aol is generally considered to be ‘the internet for dummies’ because it’s such a basic and restricted service.

    but companies like tiscali are worse cos they’re complete cowboys and you’re lucky if you get ANY internet service for your money.

    if you do want to see what happens when you try and cancel your aol account, watch this video…unbelievable.

  5. Yes, without a doubt. There was a time they were pretty good, but they refused to move with the rest of the Internet and now they are desperate.

  6. Don’t know if they are the absolute worst out there. But they are at the top of the list. If you cancel their service they send you a letter letting you know that they are going to continue service and that if you cancel you will be charged for early cancellation. I did follow in someone else’s footsteps, I taped my conversation with them. I wrote them letters and filled out their paper work for cancellation. They did cancel, finally.

  7. I’ve never liked AOL.

  8. Yes, because they put a bagillion things on your computer that mess it up and like to rip people off

  9. yes they charge even after yo cancel or dont cancel at all and ever time you call them it takes about an hours with their bs questions

  10. actually their internet service is not too horrible. Their portal sucks, their software sucks, the support sucks, the entire company sucks but they have pretty good pipes.

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