Is 43 degrees outside cold?

Please don’t make fun of me I really don’t know!

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  1. I would say fairly cold. I would wear a coat.

  2. Here’s some comparisons that may be familiar to you:

    Refrigerator: 40-45 degrees

    Room temperature: 68 (what some people consider uncomfortably chilly) up to 76 degrees (what some people consider unbearably warm)

    and which is affected by relative humidity. If the humidity is high (above 50 percent) then room temperature is comfortable at 68 degrees. If humidity is low (below 20 percent) then 76 degrees would feel comfortable.

    So, more specifically to your question: 43 degrees is like sitting in the refrigerator. You wouldn’t want to do it for very long without a coat. Higher humidity might make it feel warmer, but it’s likely that would create the conditions for precipitation (rain). If the air is still, you may feel comfortable, but if the wind blows, a factor enters called wind chill (see reference). Wind chill is the affect moving air has on bare skin. It cools you quicker, and can cause frostbite (damage to your skin from freezing). And wind chill is exaggerated if you get wet from the rain. Extended exposure to wind, rain and cold could cause hypothermia (when your body temperature drops too low) and death. Yes, 43 degrees outside is cold, so listen to your mother when she tells you to wear a coat, and a hat, and gloves.

  3. 43 Degrees In Fahrenheit

  4. Which temperature scale?

    43 K – you would be dead

    43 F – it depends on where and when. If you are in a cold region during winter, anything above freezing may be warm. If you are in the tropics, it’s cold. I would say it is cool most of the year, but cold if in the middle of the summer.

    43 C – very hot

  5. It depends on what you’re used to. Where I live, in February or March, we might be going outside with only a light coat, or no coat at all. After a snowy winter, 43 is almost balmy, and we’re looking for crocuses and tulips to be popping out soon.

    But when it’s October or maybe November, we’ll have on winter coats and hats and gloves, since we’ve been used to a nice warm summer.

    For most people, you could spend some time outside in that and not be really uncomfortable, as long as you’re dressed for it. If you wear long pants and a sweatshirt and maybe a hat, and you’re active, you could go outside in that temp and stay out for 15 -30 minutes and not be really uncomfortable. If you had just shorts and a t-shirt on, and stood still, you’d probably be shivering within 5 minutes.

  6. It depends where you live, who you are asking, and what time of year it is.

    Where I live, if it was 43 degrees in winter or early spring, I wouldn’t be wearing a coat. But sombody who lives in a warmer place might think differently.

  7. Its chilly. I would wear a light coat . I live in Louisian,a and even though its been 40 the last few days in the morning. (some freak cold front), it jumps up to 75 in the afternoon. So, its not horribly cold.

  8. Yes 43 degrees is a little chilly no matter what time of year it is.

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  10. Cold is a relative term. What is cold to one person might be comfortable for another.

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