In which episode of Friends does Chandler dance on the table in Monica’s apartment?

He is wearing a checked shirt at the time if that helps. I’ve seen the clip and would like to know which episode it’s from because it’s been irritating me. Thanks.

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  1. Season 5 “The one where Phoebe hates PBS”.

    Good episode :):):)

  2. It’s in season 5, its the one where Monica tells everyone she has a secret boyfriend so they dont know shes sleeping with Chandler.

  3. ok I own every season and i’ve seen every eppy atleast 3 time but I cant think of when that clip was…I hate that…but I agree with the person above me…im pretty sure its in season 5…sorry

Relevant information

While Ross and Rachel came out of Friends as the show’s most iconic couple, the true relationship of the show is that of Monica and Chandler. The two have a beautiful journey across the show’s 10 seasons. It is a relationship with twists, turns, and landmark events that are the focus of many of Friends’ best episodes.

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There are some incredibly important episodes in their story that focus on their initial get-together as well as certain steps they take to build a life together during and beyond the events of the series.


“The One With Ross’ Wedding”

Season 4, Episode 24

“The One With Ross’ Wedding” may place a central focus on the titular event and how Ross unexpectedly messed it up by saying Rachel’s name at the altar, but the episode may be known more for being the episode that unveiled Monica and Chandler as a romantic item.

Moreso than just seeing the two hookup in Chandler’s hotel room, kicking off a romance that would last for the rest of the show, the episode sees Chandler comfort Monica as a friend and shows how great of a dynamic the two have. Them choosing to sleep together, though, proved to be one of the most important decisions of their lives.

“The One With The Kips”

Season 5, Episode 5

When Monica and Chandler decided to keep seeing each other in secret, it was always going to be hard to avoid the other friends. When they decided to go on a trip together to get away from them in “The One With The Kips,” it ironically got them found out.

Not only does this episode see the two go on their first trip and have their first real fight, but it sees Joey find out about them, kicking off a long saga of Joey having to hide their relationship. Joey ended up being the first of four dominoes to fall before everybody found out about the pair.

“The One With All The Thanksgivings”

Season 5, Episode 8

“The One With All The Thanksgiving” does not involve something like a massive landmark in the pair’s lives, but it is a fantastic look into Monica and Chandler’s past together while also having Chandler say “I love you” for the first time to Monica.

Seeing how Chandler and Monica were, at different times, physically interested in each other in their past was interesting and fun. Like all Thanksgiving episodes, this was hilarious in large part to them. It is the kind of episode that makes audiences realize the two are soulmates.

“The One Where Everyone Finds Out”

Season 5, Episode 14

Not crazily long after Joey finds out about Chandler and Monica, the floodgates open, and Rachel finds out, and in this episode, Phoebe and Ross are let in on the secret too.

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Once Phoebe finds out, she and Rachel decide to have some fun with Chandler, leading to one of the most iconic sequences in Friends history; Phoebe and Chandler’s awkward date. This is an essential Monica and Chandler episode, with it making their relationship public and seeing the two admit properly that they are in love, not just dating for the physical aspect.

“The One After Vegas”

Season 6, Episode 1

Monica and Chandler’s relationship chugs along through season 5, with some fantastic moments and bits of growth, but nothing too essential. The first episode of season 6 sees them take the next step, though.

The episode sees the two wrestle with the decision to get married or not, with neither being ready for it yet – although the thought of it was a big step, especially for Chandler who had hilariously broken up with multiple women due to commitment issues. In a sweet twist, the two return home, deciding not to get married but instead to move into Monica’s apartment together, the most significant step in their relationship since their admission of love.

“The One With The Proposal”

Season 6, Episode 24

Perhaps the best episode centered around the relationship between Monica and Chandler is the emotional season 6 finale, which could have very well seen the couple end, but instead saw them get engaged.

Chandler’s plan of surprising Monica almost backfired in a painful fashion, and with Richard involved, it is a taut affair that ends in one of Friends’ most tear-inducing yet romantic scenes as Monica and Chandler get engaged. If it was not known before, this scene and episode let fans know the two would be together forever.

“The One With Monica And Chandler’s Wedding”

Season 7, Episode 23

The natural next step from a proposal is, of course, a wedding. While the season 7 finale places a lot of focus on Joey trying to make it to the wedding, Chandler’s commitment issue, and the mystery of Rachel’s pregnancy, it still sees the two get married.

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Up until the point where the two meet at the altar, the episode is not the most shining look into the two’s relationship, with Chandler completely running away from the event at first. In the end, though, it turns out to be a great wedding, fitting for the pair, being perhaps the biggest landmark in their lives.

“The One With The Fertility Test”

Season 9, Episode 21

After their wedding, Monica and Chandler’s relationship is stable and loving, with not too many colossally important events happening in seasons 8 and 9 between the two, except for their eventual decision to have children.

“The One With The Fertility Test” is one of the most important Chandler and Monica episodes but is also unquestionably the hardest for them, as it sees them told that, after a long time trying, they are unable to have children naturally. This heartbreaking news is hard for them both but also shows the strength of their relationship.

“The One With The Birth Mother”

Season 10, Episode 9

The two make the decision to go through the adoption process following the shattering news that they cannot conceive naturally. After a painful wait, the two get chosen by a parent, and so happens “The One With The Birth Mother.”

For a time in the episode, it looked as though the two would not get children after they were wrongly chosen by the adoption agency. Thanks to brilliance from Chandler, though, they were chosen, and they were finally going to be parents. This episode is another fantastic showcase of how made for each other the two are, as well as an important event in their lives.

“The Last One”

Season 10, Episode 17/18

The Friends finale is an important episode for every Friends character, between Rachel and Ross kickstarting their relationship, Mike and Phoebe saying they want children, and Joey having to sit back and watch everyone move on with their lives. It all happens due to changes in Monica and Chandler’s life, though.

This finale sees Monica and Chandler prepare to move away from the show’s iconic apartment to their own home in the suburbs, saying goodbye to their friends and moving on to a whole new chapter of their lives. Of course, they also get gifted not one but two children in the episodes, making them perhaps the most important episodes of their relationship.

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