in the doppler effect it is important to distinguish between [Solved]

Question 1

Question 2

1. Which of these relate most to the loudness of sound?

Select one:

a. wavelength.

b. frequency.

c. speed.

d. amplitude.

e. all of the above


The principle of continuity states that for fluid flow to be continuous it must

Select one:

a. speed up in narrow regions of flow.

b. slow down in wide regions of flow.

c. both of these

d. neither of these


Both a transverse wave and a longitudinal wave have

Select one:

a. amplitude.

b. frequency.

c. wavelength.

d. speed.

e. all of the above


The high voltage that is important in a power line is high voltage

Select one:

a. between the parallel wires of the line.

b. from one end of each power line to the other.

c. both of these

d. neither of these


In the Doppler effect it is important to distinguish between

Select one:

a. frequency and speed.

b. speed and velocity.

c. speed and acceleration.

d. distance and displacement.


Due to the presence of ice crystals in nearly frozen liquid water, the density of water is

Select one:

a. lower.

b. unaffected.

c. higher.


The sky is blue because air molecules in the sky act as tiny

Select one:

a. mirrors which reflect only blue light.

b. optical tuning forks that scatter blue light.

c. sources of white light.

d. prisms.

e. none of the above

Question 3

Question 4

Answer to question 1

Answer to question 2

1) Amplitude 

explaination : Loudness measn intensity and it is proportional to square of Amplitude . 
so amplitude is the correct answer.

Answer to question 3

Answer to question 4

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