In flick home run where is the gold bat in bunt master?

I have all the other gold bats and just need this one. I don’t see it anywhere so i figure there’s some secret that i don’t know about.

3 Answers

  1. You need to swing at the ball and its located in the upper corner of the boundaries in place for bunt mode.

    P.S. Could you tell me where the golden bat is in total mode; I can’t seem to find that one. Thanks.

  2. Flick Homerun

  3. Flick Home Run

Relevant information

Total Balls: 1729 ft

Cutter Mode: Just past 1250. You need to get past the section of buildings right after the large green car. Its between the 2nd and 3rd vehicle on the other side.

Faster and faster: May have been just before the large green car in the 3rd section of vehicles. I forget.

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