I’m terrified of going to school with crutches?

I’m 14.. Female. And on friday I broke part of my foot playing rugby. I have been given a bandage/thin cast.. And crutches.. But I’m so nervous about going to school with crutches tomorrow. It made me cry earlier. I hate the extra attention you get for things like that.. And its going to draw more to me especially as we have assembly and our school photos tomorrow:( I’m so scared about walking in and people looking at me. I have to take the lifts and leave classes early too. I’m terrified:( it sounds pathetic but I get so worried of what people think of me :(xo

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  1. Well someone in my class broke his foot and had to wear crutches but its not a big deal when you wear those people will care for you and help you a lot.

  2. first don’t be nervious it will be fine u can take the stairs if u want to and its ok when ever I hurt myself I always end up with my friends laughing at me because I get hurt a lot only 3 times in grade 9 that I had to go to a doctor for it actually got the the point that my teachers would just smile laugh and ask if I got hurt in rugby again. hopeful u will have a good expirence but what happens happens just don’t fall down the staris on crutches like my friend did.

  3. I had to go to school on crutches once. It was scary at first, some people look at you when you’re walking into school. But when you’re with your friends it’s fine. And after a few days people don’t really care any more and will stop looking at you. You’ll be fine. Good luck!

  4. relax and dont worry go ahead

  5. don’t worry about it if its that bad just ask if they can act like it dident happen

Relevant information

In class, it is beneficial that you take a seat at the end of the row, and preferably close the door. This will allow you to get in and out quickly, and also avoid disturbing your classmates. It also gives you more room to place your crutches next to you as you sit.

If you are going to attend a class in a lecture hall, ask your friend to save you a seat in case you arrive late.  Lecture halls feature head speakers, so don’t worry about not being able to hear the teacher if you sit in the last row.

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