If you buy the proof set of pictures from a photographer does this mean you can develop anywhere?

If you buy the proof set of pictures from a photographer does this mean you can develop anywhere?

the proof set comes with the higher cost packages not just to pick what pictures and you are only able to buy the pictures right then and there

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  1. No. That doesn’t give you reproduction rights. You bought a set of prints, not the right to copy or reproduce them.

  2. Not at all. These are small prints for you to look at before ordering larger prints from the photographer. They are usually watermarked with the word proof across them. Unless you purchase a high res CD with the rights to make copies you can’t have prints made.

    The photographer in almost all cases retains the copyright. You need to either purchase prints from them or purchase a CD with the rights to make prints.


    Some photographers will let you buy the proofs. The photographer who did my wedding sold us the proofs. This does not change the fact that you can’t make copies of them. The photographer owns the copyright. Unless you either purchase the copyright which they probably will not sell you or your purchase rights to make copies it is illegal. It is alway illegal to copy someone’s work without their consent. You only own the prints. That is it. Period, end of story.

  3. Ok, I have a question for anyone…I bought the proofs from a photographer who can no longer develop, enlarge or print the Senior pictures. They were taken from a 75mm camera in which they no longer use. They use digital for everything now. However, the owner referred me to a Company to see if they can help because they still use this type of film…but can t remember the name of the Company.

  4. What rights to have for usage/printing should be outlined in the contract you signed.

    Generally, a proof book is only used for determining the prints you want to order from the photo studio.

    The only people that would know 100% what is going on in this situation are you and the photographer/studio, so I recommend contacting them and asking them what rights you have for what you purchased.

  5. why would the photographer sell you those?? I mean he makes his money by selling you the prints. If you have to PAY a lot to BUY the proofs and then get them developed, it will cost you three times as much.

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  7. I’m guessing you mean they just signed off rights on them? If that’s the case then yes, you can develop anywhere

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