if the formula in cell d49 is copied [Solved]

Question 1

Question 2

Suppose I have a cell with this formula: = $D$2 * $B$4 The $ in the formula means:


The model is in US Dollars


The formula cannot be copied


If the formula is copied the cell references should be adjusted to reflect the new location of the formula


If the formula is copied the formatting must be adjusted


If the formula is copied the cell references should not be adjusted at all

Question 3

Question 4

If the formula in Cell D49 is copied to Cells E49:F49, what sequence of values would be generated in Cells D49:F49?

Answer to question 1


The resulting formula will be: =$A$3*C4

9) The resulting formula will be: =E6/F7

10) The resulting formula will be: =$Z$231+$Q$342

Answer to question 2

The $ symbol is for Absolute cell referencing.

So,Option A .referring to US dollars is incorrect.

And formulas with $ can be copied. So,Option B is incorrect.

Option C is incorrect as adjustment based on the new location is done with relative cell referencing and not absolute.

Option D.This is incorrect as no adjustment to the formatting is required.

Therefore, Option E will be the Answer.

The cell references to the cell that are referenced using Absolute cell reference with the help of the $ symbol do not change or get adjusted.

Answer to question 3

Solution: (Note: In your excel sheet to show the formulas in the cells, you can go to “formulas” menu and select “show formulas”.)

In the formula fill in the blanks we used apostrophe (`) before the formula so that it shows formula as text. For example, (`=2*$B$6)

Following are the results if we copy and paste as per the instructions. Fill in the blanks also filled:

Answer to question 4

Correct Option is =IF(A51=”Red”,”Yes”,”No”)

Explanation : If content of cell A51 is Red, print Yes in B51 else print No

Correct Option is C,C,C

The cell content is absolutely reffered and hence content of cell D49 is copied as it is

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